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How To Make More Profits From Your 3D Mink Lashes Business Line?

wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors 25mm 3d mink lashes 20mm 18mm emma lashes help you start your lashes business line.

If you have your Lashes Business line you should consider these issues.

what are your costs?

How much did you spend on AD?

And what’s your profit?

These is three points you have to face and should calculate exactly.

The key point is to make more profits from your 3D Mink Lashes Line.

3D Mink Lashes

1st The first cost is lashes and a custom lashes packaging box cost.

Someone wants to purchase some Cheap Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and Cheap Custom packaging boxes, so that there are more profits, yes that’s true.

But not exactly right. You should also consider the quality, if you lose your customer by low product and poor lashes, you should change the lashes and custom packaging with high-quality lashes and custom packaging boxes.

The retail price would be much higher than the cheap one, and you can also make more profits and own more customers.

2nd The shipping cost.

Most distributors import lashes from China at wholesale prices, and sometimes the shipping cost is more expensive than the lashes cost and custom cost.

As you know, the shipping cost depends on the weight and the country. If you order the custom packaging box, you should order the lashes at the same time.


And if your vendors are two different vendors you can ask your custom packaging box factory to post the box to the lashes vendor, and so the lashes can be put into the box and you can post them together with the same shipping cost because the lashes are very light.

3rd custom duties cost.

If you declare goods at the true price, you will be charged a lot of duties. So you can ask your vendors to write the priceless when they declare the goods.

4th Marketing cost.

There is the heat of the whole business, and if you are our regular customer, you can write down your email, and we will send you the details step by step.

25MM Lashes

And we will send you our high quality photo and video with your own logo ,we have our own professional cameraman and digital processor. You will save more in this part . and we will give you the copyright to use this high quality picture and video.

You can share this photo and video by your SNS, and we do believe your customer will love them and make more orders to you with Luxury 3D Mink Lashes And Your Custom Packaging Box.

3d mink eyelashes MG06
3d mink eyelashes MG06

So, just join Emma Lashes, we will help you build your own lashes brand and help you start your lashes business line.

More issues welcome to contact us: WHATSAPP 008613465813039, we will help you make the right order and decision.

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