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There are too many individuals lashes in the market, and in this post, we will check each type of the individuals to you, no matter if you have your own lashes website online or lash salon offline, you will get your right product here, as one of the leading lashes factory, we do believe Emma Lashes can supply the best quality lashes to you at a good wholesale price.

As we know, individuals can be divited into two: the single individuals and the several seperated ones.

Below are the most common related names that can often be substituted.

1 Single individuals

Single individuals are main two type in the market, the first one is classic lash extensions, that is friendly to the pro lash artists, they can easily pick up the fur from the tray with tweezer.

The second one is premade single lashes, that special for the common people, they can easily pick one single individuals up and apply on.

No matter if you are the professionals or the unprofessionals, we you can supply you with the high quality individuals at a good wholesale price.

2 Cluster lashes

Most of the individual lashes are called Cluster Lashes or Segment Lashes, they are belongs to the premade individual lashes.

We have more than 80 styles in the market that are tested by the market, we can also design unique style for you if you want to build your lashes brand.

The DIY Cluster Lashes are very popular in the market, especially in Amazon, if you have your own beauty shop online, never miss this product, we can also do DIY Cluster Lashes Kit for you, we can print your own logo and brand name of the Bond and Seal, and we can do custom lashes packaging for you to help you build your lashes brand and attract more customers.

One of the famous cluster lashes is Chicken Foot Lashes, as we imagine, the shape of the cluster lashes is just like Chicken’s foot, so we Chines Lashes Factory called them chicken foot lashes.

Ardell Individuals are the typical use Chicken Foot Lashes as their main product, so if you want to promote your lashes business with Ardell individuals, we can do higher quality individuals for you with top materials and crafts.

More issues about the technique and details about the Ardell individual lashes, you can add our WhatsApp, we will send more information to you, and help you make a good bulk lashes order with affordable wholesale price. You can also test with free sample first to test the style and quality.

3 Individual lash extensions

If you have your own Lash Salon, then Individual Lash Extensions may be the best choice for you. Such as YY Lashes Extension, VV Eyelash Extensions, WW Eyelash Extensions, and Easy Fan Classic Lashes Extensions.

Because they cost fewer than the premade product such as cluster lashes and segment lashes.

The professional lash techniques can us more furs and lashes from the individual lash extensions and service more customers, that will save a lot but cost a lot time to do this. This is the pros and cons of the individual eyelash extensions.

If you you are newbie, those lashes are not friendly to you, maybe the premade fans or cluster lashes will be a good choice, beside that will save a lot of operation time. Time is money, to some ways.

All of our Individual lash extensions are made of high quality material such as PBT fiber, and cashmere. More issues please contact us by email or WhatsApp.

4 Length of stem

We can also divided the individuals into the Short Stem Individuals and Long Stem Individuals according to the length of stem.

Short stem individuals

Tip stem of the short individuals are more wide, the roots are tiled in line, which looks thick and heavy.

Long stem individuals

Longer roots are more easier to graft because of the long stem.

All the length of the stem are selected by your the length and effect of your customer’s natural lashes.

5 Knotted

Knotted individual lashes

Knotted individual lashes contain a tiny spot that can dip more adhesive, which is very friendly to the newbie. So if your customers are not the professional lash artist, you may recommend her for these eyelashes.

Knot-free individual lashes

Knot-free individuals is also called Bulb-Free individuals, do not have a bulb or knot in the end of the individual lashes, which can provide a more natural appearance.

6 Number roots of individuals

We can divide the lashes into many D’s based on the number of roots.

For example, if the individuals contain three furs, we can called them 3D individuals, and there are too many D’s individuals in the market, such as 3D to 20D, or even more.

If you want to do your own custom individuals order, please feel free contact us, we will send all the individuals styles to you, you can choose any style you like from the catalog, and we can also do custom ones for you according to your order and sketch.

7 Colored Individual lashes

All the color you like, we can do that for you. There are the most popular color in the market.

First, Natural black Individual lashes

Natural black individuals are the most common in the market, most of the girls and ladies would love to order the natural black ones to make natural DIY Lash Extensions.

Second, Brown individual lashes

The brown individual lashes are the second popular color in the market, especial in Amazon.

Some customers have light brown natural lashes or hair, they would love to order the brown individuals to keep uniformity.

In fact, any color, we can do that for you, if you have special needs. More details about the color you can leave comments below or contact us by clicking WhatsApp bottom at the left bottom of our website.

8 Materials of individual eyelashes

There are mainly four materials in the market, and we will check for you one by one for you, and which one are the best, and the price of each materials.

Mink furs

Mink individuals lashes are the most expensive material in the market, but they belong to the luxury lashes, if you love the gorgeous enhancement, they mink materials may be the first choice.

Cashmere furs

Cashmere materials are a little bit cheaper than the mink individuals, they are much softer than mink fur lashes, what’s more, much comfortable than the mink materials. This is the reason why more and more lashes distributors and business owners would love to order the cashmere individuals lashes.

Faux mink furs

Most of the faux mink lashes are made of synthetic hair which is imported from Korean, we called them Korean PBT material.

These materials belongs to the cruelty-free materials, friendly to the vegan customers.

Beside, the price is affordable the pro lash artists, and they can serve more customers with these lash extensions.

Protein filament furs

Protein furs are also belongs to the high-quality synthetic fibers, which is light-weight, comfortable and gorgeous.

In fact, we do not suggest our customer buy this kind of material, because we find some of the material suppliers mix them with human hair and some others animal furs into the raw material, such as the horse hair, mink hair, or some others animal’s fur.

We only produce the high-quality sterile lashes, and no irritation to the eyes.

9 Length

We can produce any length individuals to you, such as 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm to 18mm 19mm 20mm or even more, we can do customized length to you, if you want to build your own lashes style we can also do that for you.

10 Detail Price

All the detail price varies from the count of the individuals, some lashes brand supply cheap price, such as $6.99, Ardell faux mink individuals, and they only supply three rows of individuals, and the customers can use them up within one week. And if you order bulk orders, the wholesale price will be very cheap.

When it comes to the lashes brand, we have to mentioned a lashes brand names Kiss, they supply four rows of individuals, but only contain 24 individuals lashes. But, the first look, the customer will choose them, because they supply four rows lashes and the Ardell only supply three rows lashes.

This is really a scientific things when it comes to the arrangement. If you choose Emma Lashes as your first factory, our designer will assist you finish that job. We’ll not only help you boost your sales, but also help you save money.

11 Curl

Most of the curls in the market are C curl, D curl, or DD, L curl, any curl you like we can do custom curl for you. Such as J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD.

12 Wispy individual lashes

Wispy lashes are so popular in the market, so we design and launch some new style individuals, if you want to order wispy individual lashes, you can contact us by WhatsApp, we will send our wispy individuals catalog to you.

13 Volume fan individuals

This is another common style in the lash salon, if you want to save time and serve more customers, maybe the premade volume fans will be the first choice.

We produce all the fans for the professional lash artist, and our lash artists just dip the root of the fans, and apply on the lashes one by one, that will be so easy and efficiently.

We can also do multi D’s lawyer for you, such as 3D 4D 5D or even more D premade volume fans.

Those are the most common types of individual lashes in the market, you can also make a mix order from the 13 types, any color, any curls, any length, any diameter, any materials, we can do that for you.

For more cooperation and free samples, please feel free contact us now, we will try our best to serve you, and supply the best product and services to you.


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