Easy Fan Lash Extensions

Our Easy Fan Lash Extensions are made of high-quality PBT super mink lashes and cashmere material, matte black,

you can choose any thickness from 0.03mm to 0.2mm, suitable for the beginners or master who want to do volume lashes or Mega volume lashes,

help you make professional art works and save a lot of time.

Easy Fan Lash Extensions
Easy Fan Lash Extensions

Price of easy fan lash extensions

Most of the easy fan eyelash extensions vary from 3.2 USD to 3.99 USD according to your quantity. If you order 2 to 99 trays that will be 3.66 USD to 3.99 USD according to your details.

And if you order from 100 trays to 500 trays, that will be 3.22 USD to 3.66 USD, the more the cheaper.

And we do have promotion now, if you want to build your own lashes brand, and we can design and produce custom lashes packaging for you,

please feel free send us your logo and information, we will design the box according to you outline.

easy fan lash extension
easy fan lash extension

Features of the best easy fan lash extensions

1Unique sticky base
2Silver foil backing
3100% vegan
4Matte black
5Eco-friendly box
6Easy Grafting

Color of easy fan volume lash extensions

We can do custom color for you if you want to do color lash extensions. Such as Red, purple, green, brown,

yellow, blue, pink and chocolate cashmere lash extensions.

All the color are accept according to your order, we can design and produce for you.

Custom lash extensions easy fan packaging

If you want to build your lashes brand, never miss the custom lashes packaging, we can design and produce for you according to your CIS( Corporate Identity System).

All the lashes packaging are made from our own lashes packaging factory, at the same time, will give you a competitive wholesale price.

And if you ship your packaging together with your lashes, that will save a lot of shipping cost.

Our packaging price vary from 1.22 USD to 3.66 USD according to your size and quantity. And if you want to get a exact wholesale price now,

please feel free contact us by WhatsApp now, we will give you a cheap wholesale price within 30 Sec.

Easy fan lashes extensions factory
Easy fan lashes extensions factory

Curl of easy fan lashes

we can do any curl you like, and do custom curl for you, usually different people different natural lashes curl, so you should buy some different curl easy fan lashes.
we can do B, C, CC, D, L, CD, BC, DD, J curl for you.

easy fan eyelash extension vendors
easy fan eyelash extension vendors

Efficient Delivery

We cooperate with so many efficient express company such as Fedex, DHL, Ups, EMS.

Make sure to ship your lashes and packaging in a safe and fast way.

No matter your are Lashes Wholesalers or lashes distributors, we are your trust-worthy lashes factory, who can supply OEM&ODM service to you.

And if you have retail stores or cosmetic company, or want to start a lashes bar or salon,

Emma Lashes will supply all kinds of support to you except the professional products and services.

We can do more than you can imagine. More issues about Lashes Business please feel free contact us, we will try our best to help you out.


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