Emma Lashes is one of the best Lash Vendors focused on the USA market, a professional eyelash manufacturer, a Lashes Factory of lash design and production.

Emma Lashes is one of the best 3D Mink Lashes wholesale manufacturers and suppliers in China, whose production and operation centers are located in Qingdao, China, focusing on wholesale eyelashes. 

Our eyelashes are sold to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates, more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

All styles are market-tested bestsellers that help our customers quickly open up the local mink market, and our eyelashes have received good market feedback and positive reviews.

Customize eyelash packaging and private label

Do you want to find Lilly Lashes Vendor?
Do you want to start your Lash Business just like Lilly Lashes?

We have a professional Eyelash Packaging Factory. We provide the best service among mink eyelash wholesale industries, the best quality, and small MOQ. We customize your eyelash brand packaging.

MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 50. We can help you start your own eyelash business step by step.

custom eyelash packaging

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12 features of the world’s top luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes

1 – Fashionable, independent research and development, unique limited brand products in the market.

2 -100% high-quality Siberian mink skin, vivid and fluffy.

3 -100% handcrafted by skilled workers.

4-QC inspection for three times, BV and SGS certification.

5 – Soft, no sense of fatigue.

6 – Green product, no harm to eyes.

7 – Ergonomic shape, easy to wear.

8 -100% genuine, pollution-free mink lashes.

9 – Lash glue is non-irritating and odorless, and it is beneficial to health.


10 – Lash stalks are softer, thinner, and more comfortable to wear; there is no “burden” in the eyes.

11-3D stereoscopic effect gives people a fluffy and charming appearance, which can enlarge the eyes, looking more intense.

12 – Long service life, reusable.

 If properly cared for, it can last a long time and be used more than 25 times on average.


  • 1. What’s the minimum order quantity of your eyelashes?

    We have no minimum order quantity and all lashes have plenty of large stocks. If you have any requests, please contact us. We can help you.

  • 2. What are your eye lashes made of?

    Our lashes are made of 100 percent high-quality Siberian fur mink, which is bright and fluffy. This texture is soft. When you wear them, you will feel comfortable.

  • 3. What is the price range for each pair of eyelashes?

    The most affordable the wholesale price, the more the cheaper. Price varies from product to product. Also, price is determined through the interaction of buyer and seller. Please add WhatsApp for more details.

  • 4. Do you provide samples?

    Yes, three pairs of free samples are for customers to test. Samples are the same as our real products. We believe samples can help you build confidence in our products.

  • 5. Do you make private labels and stickers?

    Yes. We can satisfy the customers’ personal demands. If you want to know some information, please add WhatsApp for more details.

  • 6. Do you accept Custom Packaging orders?

    Yes, we do. We will put the customers’ requirements in mind. The satisfaction of the customers is our great motivation. The minimum order quantity is 30.

  • 7. How long is the delivery time of your new order?

    The eyelashes you’ve ordered will be shipped to you within 24 hours, for all eyelashes are available in stock. Don’t hesitate to place an order.

  • 8. Can you design free lashes logo for me?

    Yes, We have a powerful and creative team of professional designers. They can lead the fashion. Free service of logo design means our willingness to cooperate with you. Please contact us for more information. We can satisfy your demand.

  • 9. How much will my shipping cost be?

    Shipping costs depend on the weight and volume of your order. We ship all over the world. Discount on the total shipping cost depends on the quantity you purchase. Buy More Save More.

How to start your lashes business?

lashes business

First, select the eyelashes.

Take a close look at our eyelash catalog and choose the style you like. There are different styles. We are sure there is always a style suitable for you.

Second, choose Custom Packaging.

You can build your own brand with a free plain box and Custom Lash Packaging with logos. Custom packaging is the personalized representation of one’s business.

Third, the quantity and price of the product.

Tell us the quantity of eyelashes and packaging, and we will give you accurate and competitive wholesale prices and shipping costs of eyelashes and custom packaging.

Fourth, Design Free Logo For You

We can design a free lash logo for you if you have a lashes brand name.

Fifth, transportation time

We will ship within 24 hours except for bulk orders. The minimum order quantity of custom packaging is 30.

So, if you want the best Eyelash Manufacturer and Lash Vendors, you can choose Emma Lashes to start your own brand with a lower MOQ and less money.

We will provide a complete guide to help you Start Your Lashes Business.

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    3. Can you please send me your catalog and prices. Also, information on how to order a sample along with your minimum quantity order requirements.

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