How to apply cluster lashes

How to apply cluster lashes step by step?

It is very easy to apply on cluster lashes:
Below are the easy steps, if your custom could apply on the stipe lashes, that will be much easier.

How to apply DIY Cluster Lashes
How to apply DIY Cluster Lashes

First, tools.

You should prepare for the curler, cluster lashes, bond and seal, tweezers, toilet paper and Cotton swab and mirror

Second, Approach

1 Wash your face and lashes with clear water

Make sure there is zero makeup in order to make a perfect eye makeup.

2 Curl natural lashes slightly

So that you can make a perfect angle and that will be much more easier to stick on the cluster lashes below the natural lashes.

curl lashes
curl lashes

3 Apply the bond

Make sure to apply on the base of the natural lashes, on the root position.

Wait for a few second, and the lashes glue will be sticky and clear in order to make the lashes stick a little bit better.

Apply bond
Apply lashes bond

4 Pull the cluster lashes off the box and tray with the tweezers

Make sure pull the root of the lashes with Flat-tip tweezers or 7 shape tweezers and prevent damage cluster lashes and causing loose eyelashes.

And then apply on a bit of the bond to the top root of the cluster lashes and stick this underneath the natural lashes.

apply some glue on the top of cluster lashes
apply some glue on the top of cluster lashes

Apply on them one by one, because they are the same process, and if you want to make a cat eye lashes effect, you can watch the lashes map with different length of the cluster lashes.

5 Apply on the seal

Put on the seal exactly where you put all your glue at the base of the lashes.

apply lashes seal
apply lashes seal

6 Curl the whole lashes fixed with cluster lashes

Make them a little bit more up and stick more closely with the natural lashes. Beside, that will make a little bit lifted, that will be pretty cool.

cluster lashes effect
cluster lashes effect

Done, you will feel our cluster lash extension will be super comfortable and your customers will love these luxury cluster eyelash extensions.

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