What is Wet Lashes

What is Wet Lashes?

Wet Lashes is a special type of lashes, which looks like wet on the surface of the fur. When girls apply them on the eye, that we called them Wet-Look Eyelashes.

wet lashes
wet lashes

There are main two kinds of the lashes in the market: The first one is Wet Strip Lashes and the second one is the Wet Lash Extensions.

They all looks like wet feature just like you finish your bath, which looks modern and cute, add glamour and personality to you when you apply on them.

How much does wet lashes cost?

For the wet lashes, we use fiber as the main material, so the price is too much cheaper than the real mink lashes. But a little bit more expensive than the general faux lashes.

Because we add one more progress, we add wet liquid, just like gel water, to make the wet appearance.

So it usually cost from 0.5 USD to 1.22 USD each pair, and if you make bulk orders, you will get a competitive Wholesale Lashes price. If you want to get a price list, you can add our WhatsApp or leave comments to us to get more details about the wet lashes.

wet lash
wet lash

Features of the wet lashes

First, Wet appearance

As we said, we use some special wet glue material to keep the wet appearance to looks like wet looking, so that is unique technology and will attract more customers to buy them.

Second, eye-catching and unique in the market

Your eyes will looks like just finish the bath when you apply the wet lashes on your eye. They are different than the ordinary natural looking when they meet light. You can also show fresh feelings when the cusotmers apply on the wet lashes.

Third, cheap wholesale price

we use high-quality fiber raw materials which are soft and comfortable. When you apply on the lashes, you feel good and no weight feelings.

Beside, these materials are much cheaper than the mink lashes, so they belong to the cheap affordable lashes, most girls could buy them with few money.

Fourth, Easy to apply

wet strip lashes
wet strip lashes

If you can apply the strip lashes, you can also apply the wet lashes with the same method. Put some lashes glue on the root of the strip lashes, wait for second second and when the  water evaporates, the glue will be sticky, you can apply on them easily with lashes applicators.

How to make wet lashes?

As we introduced before, it is very easy and professional to produce the lashes, but you shoud do another process is to add gel cream.

We use brushes to add the gel cream to each pair of the wet lashes to keep the lashes looks like wet. And the lashes industry belongs to the labor-intensive industry. We have to hire more skilled workers and brush each pair of lashes one by one.

So that willl takes a lot of time and energy to do this work. but we will give you a good wholesale that the other Lashes Factory can’t give you.

If you want to get a good wholesale price, please leave comments below or contact us through WhatsApp, will give you an exact wholesale price within 5 minutes.

Where to find the wet lashes factory

As we mentioned before, All the best lashes factory comes from Qingdao, China. There are thousands of lashes factories in this area, supply more than 70% of the luxury lashes comes from China.

If you want to build a famous lashes brand and lash salon, you can find China Lashes Factory who located in Qingdao.

Some Lashes Suppliers are not the lashes factory, if they are not located in Qingdao. Most of them are the lashes trading company. So if you want to get a good price you can come to China, and visit their lashes factory.

Another easy way if find them on Google, do not choose e-commence platform, most of website would like to use keyword lash, lashes, or eyelash, so click them and check them one by one.

Make sure to check the quality with sample order, and double check with small orders to check the sample quality and bulk orders quality.

wet lashes factory
wet lashes factory

Who suits wet lashes?

According to our survey, most of the wet lashes no matter the wet strip ashes or the wet lash extension, most of them belongs to the natural lashes.

So not matter the office lady or the fashionable girls, if they love the wet lashes effect, there will be a huge market.

Make sure to catch the opportunity when each new style lashes comes, you will attract more and more customers and promote your sale with these unique lashes.

wet eyelashes
wet eyelashes

More issues about the wet lashes, please add our WhatsApp, we will try our best to solve all the customers who love and care the lashes business and help help them solve the problems they faced.

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