Where to find the best Cluster lashes factory

Where to find the best Cluster lashes factory?

Cluster Lashes have become more and more popular in the year 2023, and become the new trendy eye make up tools in stead strip lashes,

so if you have your own lashes salon or lashes business, make sure to choose the high quality wholesale cluster lashes and find a good Cluster Lashes Factory.

Amazon cluster lashes supplier

Emma Lashes is a reliable and credible Cluster Lashes Factory and Amazon Cluster Lashes Supplier,

if you want to promote your lashes business with Cluster Lashes Kit, we can do the custom packaging and amazon label for you.

we can do custom lashes applicator, bond and seal for you, and put FNSKU label and UPC label for you if you want to ship to Amazon FBA warehouse.

Cluster lashes factory
Cluster lashes factory

How much do cluster lashes cost?

For example, if you do high quality DIY Eyelash Extension Kit as the the screenshot we show you,

the wholesale price varies from 5.22 USD to 6.88 USD according to your
material, quantity, and custom order.

We can print your logo on the box, lashes applicator, lashes bond and lashes seal. All you need we can do that for you.

And for the retail price, that will be $14 to $16, so you will have about $7 USD to $10 each kit.

As you know, the DIY Cluster Lashes are very popular and hot in the market. Never miss this opportunity!

High quality cluster lashes
High quality cluster lashes

Why girls love to order Individual cluster lashes?

As we know, the eyelash extensions are all professional tips and techniques only lashes technicians can do that,

and that will takes time, money and energy to find a lashes extension process.

But the Individual Lash Extension change the game when we publish this type of amazing lashes.

Girls and ladies can do that by themselves with lashes bond and seal, Cluster Lashes, tweezers and mirror at home.
That is insane!

Beside, that will save a lot of time and money to finish a perfect professional eye make up.

So it time to step up with Emma Lashes, lead the fashion of the beauty, promote your lashes business with our individual DIY cluster lashes extensions now.

If you want to get a good wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp to get the exact wholesale price and catalog.

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