Where to buy wispy lashes Top 6 factory list for you!

Where to buy Wispy Lashes?

If you are a lash artist or own your own lash salon, you may notice that more and more ladies would love to choose the Wispy Lashes instead of the classic lashes,

hybrid lashes and volume lashes. Because the Wispy Eyelash Extensions are much more versatility, lively and agile than the other lash extensions.

Wispy Lashes
Wispy Lashes

So if you want to buy the best quality wispy lashes, here are top 6 identified wispy Lashes Factory for you,

wish you find the the right place and lashes factory and get the Premium Wispy Lashes at a good wholesale price.

Emma Lashes

Emma Lashes factory based in the hometown of lashes, birthplace of the lashes, founded in 2008. Focus on all kinds of Luxury Lashes,

such as Cluster Lashes, Strip Lashes, Lash Extensions, DIY Lashes, Premade Fans Lashes, Colored Lashes and so on.

If you want to enhance your lashes business, and build your brand, you can choose Emma Lashes as your first lashes vendor.

Sisley Lashes

Sisley Lashes is a professional Lashes Vendor who focus on the USA market, if you are based in US and Canada, then Sisley Lashes will be the first choice.

Sisley Lashes
Sisley Lashes

All you need to do is tell them your requirements they will send you all the hot products to you, and all the lashes are in stock,

they will ship the lashes to you as fast as them can.

CK Lashes

CK Lashes is a cheap wholesale lashes supplier focus on the ordinary market, if you want to do the top selling-lashes at a competitive wholesale price,

you can choose CK Lashes as your first vendor, but they have MOQ, you should start with 100 boxes eyelash extensions.

CK Lashes
CK Lashes

Sally Lashes

Sally Lashes is a good identified lashes manufacturer who supply wholesale lashes to you too. They focus on the WW Lashes, YY Lashes,

Premade Fans, Classic Lashes, Heat Bonded Lashes, Color Premade Fan Lashes. If you have chain lashes salon, you may choose Sally Lashes first,

All the lashes are high-quality products. Identified by ISO9001.

Air Lashes

Air Lashes is famous for the raw material and style. They have their own famous lashes designer Alex and Material expert Allen.

They develop and produce the material according to high demands and high stand of the top international eyelash buyers.

So if you focus on the luxury lashes extension, then Air Lashes will be the right lashes supplier.

Guess Lashes

Guess Lashes is a traditional lashes manufacturer founded in 2010, who focus on the Cat Eye Lash Extension, Colorful Eyelash Extension,

DIY Lash Extension, Hybrid Eyelash Extension, Natural Lash Extensions, Volume Lash Extensions.

All the products are in stock, and do not have MOQ limit, if you are newbie or lash artist at home, you can buy the lash extension products from Guess Lashes,

they are very friendly to the newbie.

In the quest for captivating beauty, Wispy Lashes have taken the beauty industry by storm.

Wispy lashes are not only a fashion statement but also an embodiment of elegance and allure. If you’re looking to achieve dreamy wispy lashes,

you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide will unveil the secrets to stunning,

alluring eyelashes that will have everyone turning their heads in admiration.

What Are Wispy Lashes?

Wispy lashes are a type of eyelash extension that blends seamlessly with your Natural Lashes, creating a soft, fluffy effect.

These Lash Extensions are designed to be light, delicate, and feathery, giving you a mesmerizing and dramatic look.

Wispy lashes add volume, length, and a touch of glamour, making them the go-to choice for those who want to enhance their eye appeal.

What are wispy lashes
What are wispy lashes

You should add Spiky Lashes on the lash extensions if you want to make a perfect wispy lashes, and if you are newbie in the wispy lashes,

you should find Wispy Lashes Map, and do more practice. Practice makes perfect.

How many styles wispy lashes extension in the market?

There main six style wispy lash extensions on the market, and we will share all the information for you here,

so that you can find the right style eyelash extensions and products for you clients and business.

First, wispy volume lashes

Wispy volume lashes is made of the two type lashes, the first lashes is Spike Lash Extensions, and the second is Volume eyelash extensions

Usually the lash technician should do volume eyelash extension first with our product such as Premade Volume Fans and Easy Fan Lash Extensions 

or VV Eyelash Extension, YY Eyelash extensions.

And the do the spike eyelash extension with Spike Lash Extensions

There lash technique is different than the classic lashes technique, so you should choose the high-quality Eyelash Extensions before the operation.

Second, hybrid wispy lashes

Hybrid wispy lashes is consist of three type lash extension, mix of classic lashes, volume lashes and spike lashes.

So if your customer want to do the hybrid wispy eyelash extensions,

we supply the exact high-quality lash extensions to you to help you make a professional eye look.

No matter if you are a Lash Technician or own your own Lash Salon, just feel free contact us by WhatsApp to make a perfect hybrid wispy lashes order,

we supply free sample to test the quality and will give you a good wholesale price.

Third, wispy cat eye lashes

Wispy cat eye lashes is a variation of cat eye lashes. Usually the lash artist plant spike lashes first, and then apply the cat eye style.

Cat eye style features shorter lengths gradually lengthening to long lashes on the corner of the eyes.

If you want to make a perfect wispy cat eye lashes, we supply all the lash extension product for you, all the product we produce by our own Lashes Factory, and we will give you a competitive wholesale price.

Fourth, wispy mega volume lashes

Mega volume lashes is made of our product 4D 5D Long Stem Premade Volume Fan, and you can also choose our Premade Volume Fans Lashes,

that will save a lot of time and energy for the lash technician, and will make more value.

Fifth, natural wispy lashes

Natural Wispy Lashes is made of the natural length lash extension and spike lashes, this type of lash extension may cost 1 to 1.5 Hour,

much easier than the other wispy lashes.

Sixth, classic wispy lashes

Classic wispy lashes is made of spike lashes and classic lash extension, so if your customer love wispy lashes and classic lashes,

then the mix style classic wispy lashes will be a good choice.

How much do wispy lashes cost?

If you have already opened your wispy lashes business, you should buy more lashes product such as Long Stem Premade Volume Fans,

Short Stem Premade Volume Fans, Spike Premade Fans, 4D Long Stem Premade Fans.

All the price of the lashes varies from 2.66 USD to 3.66 USD according to the rows and quantity. If you want to get a competitive wholesale price,

you can order directory from Emma Lashes Factory.


Besides, we can also do Custom Lashes Packaging for you, and design free for you, if you ship together with your lash extension product,

that will get a good price and will save shipping cost at the same time.

The Benefits of Wispy Lashes

1. Natural Beauty Enhancement

Wispy lashes provide a natural, effortless enhancement. They don’t overpower your eyes but instead complement your natural beauty.

Achieving that ‘I woke up like this’ look has never been easier.

2. Versatility

Whether you’re going for a subtle everyday look or glamming up for a special occasion, wispy lashes adapt perfectly.

They’re versatile and can be customized to suit your style and preference.

3. Time-Saving

Say goodbye to the tedious task of applying mascara daily. Wispy lashes eliminate the need for mascara, saving precious time in our daily routine.

The Application Process of wispy lashes

Begin your journey towards wispy lashes with a consultation from a professional lash technician. During this initial meeting,

you’ll discuss your desired look, style, and any concerns you might have.

2. Selection

Choose the perfect wispy lash extensions that suit your style. You can opt for various lengths, curls, and even colors, depending on your preference.

Emma Lashes supply all kinds of lash extensions to help you make the perfect wispy lashes, if you are a lash artist or own your own Lash Salon,

we can give you a good wholesale price. More products information you can add our WhatsApp to get the whole lash catalog or leave comments below.

3. Application

The lash technician should use a safe and secure adhesive to attach the extensions to your natural lashes.

The process is painless and takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of your chosen style. If you want to get a high-quality lashes adhesive,

you can contact us by WhatsApp on the right corner of our website, we supply 0.5 second 1 second 2 second and 3 second lash extension adhesive,

you can choose any type of lash adhesive according to your speed, if you are newbie, you can choose the 3 second lash extension adhesive, and if you are veteran, you can choose 0.5 second lash extension adhesive to save time and add value.

4. Maintenance

To keep your wispy lashes looking their best, schedule regular touch-up appointments.

This ensures that they remain in optimal condition and continue to enhance your beauty.

Typically, your natural eyelash shedding cycle is one month, so you should refill them.
About one to one and a half months or so, will fall about half (according to your physical condition and the growth of the native eyelashes), your native eyelashes will naturally fall off every day about 3-5, this is the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes, and the eyelash extensions will be with the native eyelashes will fall off with the healthy eyelashes, eyelash extensions to maintain the power of the eyelash extensions can be more long-lasting.

And another considerations you should concern is lash extension adhesive, if you choose a bad adhesive, the wispy lashes will shedding too. So you should

Caring for Your Wispy Lashes

To maintain the longevity and beauty of your wispy lashes, follow these 5 main care tips:

  • Avoid Oil-Based Products: Oil-based cosmetics can weaken the lash adhesive. Opt for water-based products to keep your lashes looking their best.
  • Gentle Cleansing: Cleanse your lashes daily using a gentle, oil-free lash cleanser and a soft brush or cotton pad.
  • Avoid Excessive Heat: High heat can weaken the adhesive. Be cautious around hot ovens and steam.
  • No Rubbing: Refrain from rubbing your eyes or tugging at your lashes.
  • Regular Appointments: Keep up with your maintenance appointments to ensure your wispy lashes look fresh and stunning. As we said before, your native lashes shedding cycle is 1 to 2 month according your physical condition and the growth of the native lashes. The new native lashes should filled with new wispy lashes to maintain the perfect appearance.

Wispy Lashes: Your Gateway to Glamour

Wispy lashes have emerged as a go-to choice for enhancing one’s natural beauty, offering a versatile and striking look. Whether it’s a special occasion or part of daily routine, wispy lashes provide a timeless and elegant charm that’s hard to resist.

So if you want to start a wispy lashes business, you should attend a lash artist class and find a Lash Extension Vendor, so that you can start a home office lash extension bar.

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