What are cat eye lashes

What is cat eye lashes?

Cat Lashes are a specific eyelashes style in the market, which is designed by our designer Oscar, imitate the shape and direction and permutation and combination of the cat eye. The big feature of the length of cat eye lashes is that the inner corner is shorter than the out corner. This gradient change will show your eyes a slanted, elongated amazing looking and appearance. When you apply the amazing cat eye lashes, your eye makeup will show a cute cat eye appearance.

cat eye lashes
cat eye lashes

How many style cat eye lashes in the market?

There are two main type cat eye lashes in the market. The first type is cat eye lashes extension and the second one is cat eye strip lashes.

First, cat eye lashes extension

If you love the cat eye lashes extension, you should go to the Lash Salon near you, and book an appointment with a technician.

cat eye lash extension
cat eye lash extension

You can choose any length from 8mm to 18mm, and any curl such as C,CC, D,D+, BC,J2. You can also choose any thickness of the furs, such as 0.05mm, 0.07mm,0.10mm,0.12mm,0.15mm, 0.20mm. Most of them are natural black, vivid and can match your real lashes very well.

And your lash technician will contact with you about the effect you want, and sketch a map for you before the application. That will cost from 100 USD to 200 USD, and 1 hour to 2 hour. You can choose all the different material and glue you like.

Second, cat eye strip lashes

The cat eye strip lashes belong to the premade cat eye lashes, it is very easy to apply on and only take several minutes by your self. All you should do is choose your favorite style. Beside, the cat eye strip lashes are much cheaper than the cat eye lashes extension.

cat eye lashes vendor
cat eye lashes vendor

If your customers love DIY Lashes, they will will love these cat eye strip lashes. Besides, there are too many styles from the market, you can choose the best style you like.

Where to buy cat eye lashes?

All most 70% of the high-quality lashes comes form the China, you can use keyword China Lashes Factory and search on Google, and Google will show you so many identified Lashes Factory to you, what you should do is check them only by one with small order or sample order. That will takes 3 to 5 business day. Most of the Lashes Supplier will choose the express, so that will be efficient.

colorful cat eye lashes
colorful cat eye lashes

How much do cat eye lashes cost?

Well, this is variable answer. If you make a bulk order, that will be much cheaper that the small order. For the cat eye lashes extension, it usually cost from 2.88 to 3.88 USD accorder to your quantity and rows. At the same time, if you make a mix order that will be a little bit more expensive than the regular lashes.

cat eye strip lashes
cat eye strip lashes

And for the cat eye strip lashes, it will cost from 0.48 USD to 1.58 USD each pair, the more you order, the cheaper it will be. And if you want to get a exact wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp, we will send you our catalog and price list to you, you can get an exact price within 1 minute.

How to apply cat eye strip lashes?

As we said before, It is the same way to apply the cat eye lashes as the other strip lashes.

First, we should cut off excess length, and make sure to fit your eye’s line.
And then apply some lash adhesive on the band.
10 to 15 seconds later, you can apply on the strip cat eye lashes on your eyes with a lash applicator.

Some ladies would love to cut off the strip lashes to cluster DIY Lashes, and apply on them one by one with applicator. This is also a perfect way to apply on the strip lashes. But if you choose some strip lashes contain too many cluster lashes, that will be too much waste time and energy.

So we have Premade Fan Lashes and DIY Cluster Lashes, you can apply on them with only 4 to 5 cluster lashes. That will save a lot of time and energy.

Synthetic cat eye lashes
Synthetic cat eye lashes

Which material cat eye do you like most?

Most lashes salon would love to choose Hybrid Cat Eye Lashes, because the material is very soft and vivid.

At the same time, these hybrid cat eye lashes are cheap and affordable for most of the lashes bars and salons.

The disadvantage is that some materials are too hard and plastic feeling, which can cause eye fatigue and disease.

The best material comes from Korean fiber we called Korean PBT synthetic fiber.

Features of high-quality cat eye lashes

If you want to find a high-quality Cat Eye Lashes Vendor, you should double check the sample order. And today we will show you how to check the high-quality lashes step by step.

First, Soft and vivid

You should check the material first, and if them are fluffy and soft.

Second, Save time.

The cat eye lash extension should easily to pick up and apply, they should be also stable curl.

Third, Easily attach lashes

The cat eye lash extension should be easily to attach on the real lashes and mix very well.

More custom service please add our WhatsApp, we provide OEM and ODM services for you. We have a professional design team,

help you build your lashes brand with custom logo and packaging. We can design custom lashes for you according to your sketch.

And will sty our best to help you, anything about your lashes business please feel free contact us.

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