Where to buy eyelash wholesale

Where to buy cheap Eyelashes Wholesale?

If you are lashes business owner or lash shop owner , you can’t miss this article, we will share the crucial tips for you to find a good Lashes Factory, and buy your Eyelashes Wholesale order at a good price.

Where to buy wholesale lashes
Eyelashes Wholesale

Where to buy Eyelashes wholesale?

There are mainly four lashes industry are in the world, the first area is China, More than 70% of the wholesale lashes comes from China, if you want to buy cheap wholesale lashes with good quality, you should buy your wholesale lashes from the China Lashes Factory.

The second area if the South Asia, they are a little bit cheaper than China, but not as good as the ones comes from China.

So if you want to the cheapest lashes, you can buy lashes from the South Asia, and if you want to buy high-quality lashes at a good cheap wholesale price, you should buy them from China.

Emma Lashes, as one of the leading Lashes Factory, we supply all kinds of the Wholesale Lashes to the world, such as Strip Lashes, Lash Extension, cluster lashes, individual lashes.

All kinds of the materials are accessible, we can also design and produce for you and help you build your lashes brand step by step.

Please feel free leave comment below or add our WhatsApp, we will send our catalog and price list to you.

3d mink lashes factory
3d mink lashes factory

How much do mink eyelashes wholesale cost?

Most of the real mink lashes cost form 1.5 USD to 9 USD according to the cost, if you buy the mink lashes lower than 1 USD, they may not the real mink fur or made by artificial material.

And if you want to buy the best one, such as the Luxury Lashes, that will cost more than 5 USD.

We have all level lashes for you, not matter if you are newer or the lash business owner, we supply all kinds of lashes to you. We have lashes business bundles for the newer, and we can also give you a good wholesale price to you if you want to make bulk orders.

Make sure begin your lashes order with sample first, and do not just buy them according to the price, price is the the only factory that affect your order.

If you buy the bad material or the style that are out of the date, no one will buy them or reorder from you again. And this the main reason why most of the lashes business owner buy the lashes from China instead of the other country.

Wholesale China Lashes Vendors
Wholesale China Lashes Vendors

What kinds of eyelashes do we supply for you?

Today, we suggest the top fifth wholesale lashes for you, and will give a good price for those top sellers.

First, Wholesale eyelashes extensions

Most lash salons and lash technicians need this type of lash, such as the classic lash extensions and cluster lashes, such as the premade fans lash extension, we design and produce all kinds of these lashes to you.

Any length, any curl, any color will do. We can can also do the custom Lash Packaging for you at a good cheap wholesale price.

Second, Silk eyelashes wholesale

Silk eyelashes are the second top material eyelashes in the market, they are made of the artificial materials, soft and light weight, much cheaper than the real mink lashes, and the other materials.

Third, faux mink eyelash wholesale

Faux mink lashes is made of the artificial material, but the material is much better than the silk one, and they are similar to the real mink lashes, so more and more girls would love to order the faux mink lashes, the worse, some Lash Vendors sell the Faux Mink Lashes to you as the Real mink lashes a a lower price.

If you buy the real mink lashes that are lower than 1 USD, double check all the details such as the material and craft.

If you want to order the faux mink strip lashes and faux mink lash extensions, please leave comments below, we will contact you and please contact as via WhatsApp directly.

mega volume fans
mega volume fans

Fourth, Volume eyelash extensions wholesale

More and more girls love to do volume eyelash extensions, and if you want to order the volume lashes at a good price, we supply all kinds of the volume eyelash extension to you.

individual lash extensions
individual lash extensions

Fifth, Individual eyelash extensions wholesale

More and more girls love the individual eyelash extension, we can also called them DIY Lashes Extensions, they can do the lash extension at home by themselves.

Because they are cheap and efficient, more and more girls love to do them by themselves, and then enjoy the process to make the professional eye make up.

More types of the lashes please feel free contact us by WhatsApp, we will give you a good price.

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