Will Lash Extensions Hurt Ourselves

Will Lash Extensions Hurt Ourselves?

Lash extension is a very popular theme that has been discussed for a long time. Different people have different perspectives on our Emma Lashes. Some have a positive attitude towards it. They are eager to get them, as they think this product is wonderful. Others think it’s unrealistic. 

Emma lashes extensions feature
Emma lashes extensions feature

A worse opinion is that it will bring harmful effects to us, such as blindness, hair loss other discomforts, and so on.

It might be difficult to know whether eyelash extensions will cause bad effects or not, but I will provide something useful to help you.

After that, you will feel relieved about our products.

Can Eyelash Extensions Hurt Your Eyes?

Personally speaking, we needn’t worry about it as long as we pay attention to some details.

When you have eyelash extensions, you need to go to a salon that enjoys a good reputation and do it by a sophisticated technician.

The material of the adhesive is essentially important. Medical-grade materials will promise their safety. 

Meanwhile, the professional can exactly know whether what they do is correct or not, and they can’t use adhesives that will cause pain.

Wispy Lash Extensions
Wispy Lash Extensions

Why Lash Extensions Hurt During the Appointment?

  • Poor Technique: You will endure the pain brought by the inexperienced technician. Regardless of the use of glue, any negligence will lead to damage. What’s more, if the glue is out of the appropriate region, it’s harmful to your lids.
  • Poor Products: Another factor is the quality of the adhesive. Some ingredients in low-cost adhesives are irritants to our eyes. If the skin around them is sensitive, it will prompt damage. Therefore, considering the danger, the lash tech shouldn’t use unknown products.
  • Crying: When you feel pain, you may start crying. You will produce tears. In this case, the glue will aggregate together, leading to discomfort. Because of the adhesive pattern, this can lead to the extension of premature shedding
  • Opening the eyes when they should be closed: In the course of the treatment, it’s not allowed to open your eyes. If not, it will hurt you. If you open your eyes when the glue is fresh, the situation may be worse.

Why Lash Extensions Hurt After The Appointment?

There are still other reasons that you can learn from below:

  • Improper attachment: After you have the treatment, you shouldn’t have any discomfort. If the eyelash extension is applied in the wrong way, it will bring different sufferings. Some are mild but some are serious, such as permanent lash damage even dropping off your original lashes.
  • Too much glue:Your eyes may be harmed by the abuse of glue. The amount of glue is relevant to the effects on the eyes. Too much use will lead to chemical burns. During the session, your eyes will be swelling and red for one or two days. It doesn’t matter if you wash your eyes with water because the extensions are waterproof.
  • Too much weight: A good lash artist will make you feel that nothing is on your eyes. He/she can promise that your lashes can grow well even if you have that treatment.
  • Clumping: When the artist extends your lash by different kinds of lashes, they will coalesce. It will cause some bad feelings when you close or open your eyes.
  • Allergic reaction: Some people are allergic to an ingredient that is contained in the glue. It will cause puffy eyelids. If you belong to these people, you should get rid of the extension immediately.
  • Improper cleaning: A good habit of cleaning is important. If you don’t clean your daily cosmetics in time, they will have some fragmentations, which may become the root of your discomfort.
  • Forceful lash extension removal: Taking off the eyelashes in your way may cause discomfort because the glue is relatively strong. If you find any problems, you should ask a professional to remove it. In short, don’t move it by yourself unless it drops automatically.
  • Abrasion of the cornea: Improper use of glue or poking of extensions will injure the eye and damage the cornea.
  • Sparse application: Eyelash extension should not be too far apart, otherwise, it is easy to distort and eventually cause eye injury.
  • Glued to the skin instead of lashes: When the eyelash extension is applied to your skin, it forms a nailhead, which will affect your eyes for a few days or weeks.
Eyelash Extensions Curl and thickness
Eyelash Extensions Curl and thickness

Will You Have Problems Sleeping?

There is no need to worry about having trouble during sleep. If you are not allergic to our product or some ingredients in it,

everything will go well. Our product should be kept far away from water so that it can be kept for a long time.

Don’t rub your eyes. If not, it may cause your extension damaged.

In Conclusion

You can’t decide whether you will be hurt. But if the lash artist is experienced and the technique is mature, there will be no pain.

 If you can’t tolerate little pain, I advise you should get far away from this extension because it’s unknown how much pain you will suffer during this treatment. 

Above all, as long as everything is prepared, you can trust our technology and our products.

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