YY Eyelash Extensions

How to apply YY Eyelash extensions

We supply wholesale High Quality YY Shaped Individual Y Wire Eyelash Extensions to you. If you want to buy our YY Eyelash Extensions at a good price, you are in the right place.

Emma Lashes is the top 3 Wholesale Volume Lash Extension Supplies we can do Private Label can do custom packaging for you to help you build your lashes business.

YY eyelash extensions
YY eyelash extensions

1 Curl

We can do J, B, C, CC, D, L curl for you, you can choose any curl you like.
No matter you want to choose criss-cross, volume or sexy YY Lashes, we can do the exact style as your requirements

2 Thickness

we can do 0.03mm,0.05mm, 0.07mm 0.10mm,0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm YY Lash Extension for you, any thickness will do, just choose the best seller you like.

3 Material of YY Eyelash Extensions

All the lashes are made of Korean PBT Fiber, import from Korea, more black and soft than the other material
Silk lashes, synthetic hair eyelash extension.

4 Length

You can choose the length from 8mm to 18mm, any length will do according to your order.

5 Rubber strip

No residue on the YY eyelash root, It is easy to blossom. Will save a lot of time and energy.

contact Emma Now
contact Emma Now

6 Color of YY Eyelash Extensions

1 Natural Black

Most of the YY Lashes are black, they will help lashes technique save a lot of time and energy.

2 Colored YY Lashes

We can also do colored YY eyelashes for you if you or your lashes artist want to make holiday decorations or show personality with colorful eye make up.

YY Lash Extensions
YY Lash Extensions

7 Feature of our YY Eyelash Extensions

1 Super Flexible, soft, durable

We only use high-quality material and physical process to make sure all the lashes are soft and comfortable.

2 Long-lasting curvature

The curvature can be maintained for a long time, no deformation.

The curl can last more than 1 years with standard thickness

3 Easy to pick

The paper strip layer is easily peeled from basis, high quality, can be customized as your demand.

4 High quality Foil Strip

Our foil strip can easily peel off from the bottom. Moderate viscosity, very friendly to remove from the background.

5 Easy to remove YY Eyelash Extension from the tape

we use the high-quality aluminum foil paper card, the lashes can easily remove from the lash tape.

6 No sticky and no residue

Our YY Eyelash Extension are sticky after removing from the lash tape and the lashes base is clean without no residue from the transfer strip.

7 Korean PBT Fiber

Our YY Lashes are made of top quality Korean PBT fiber material, much more soft and natural.

8 100% handmade

Our YY Lashes are Clean and neat, will help you attract more and more customers.

8 Customized Service

We supply OEM & ODM service to you. We can do customized service to you.

12 Rows YY eyelash extension

Customized YY Lashes
Customized YY Lashes

Most lashes buyers would love to order 12 rows YY eyelash extension, because of the reasonable and competitive price. And then just tell us which curl do you like, such as J curl, B, C, CC, D, DD, L curl. And for the length, you can choose from 8mm to 25mm.

16 Rows YY Lash extensions

If you want to to add more volume, you can choose 16 rows eyelash extension, and we can do that for you too, but the 16 rows will be a little bit more expensive than the 12 rows.

9 Lashes Packaging

We can do custom packaging for you, any color, any pattern, any shape will do, just feel free contact us by WhatsApp on the right bottom of our website, send us your logo and information. We can do plastic box, carton box, gifting box, all the customization accepted.

How to apply YY Eyelash extensions
How to apply YY Eyelash extensions

10 Factory Price

We supply premium eyelashes with factory price to you if you order our YY Lash Extensions from Emma Lashes Factory.

All the lash extensions products we can do that for you. Such as Classic Lashes, Easy Fan Lashes, Flat Lashes, Colored Eyelash Extensions, YY Lashes, VV Lashes, WW Lashes, Premade Fan Lashes and accessories such as lashes glue, glue remover, foam cleaner & brush, eye pads, Mannequin, tweezers, tweezers cleaner, all kinds of tape, eyelash brush, lip brush, glue rings, crystal glue holder, plastic glue pallet, glue pads, glue tank, lip mask, and fans, more information and products about your lashes and beauty business, please feel free contact us, we will send our catalog to you.


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