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Where To Find the Perfect Eyelash Extension Vendor

There are so many Eyelash Extension Vendor in the market, if you have your own Lash Shop or Lash Bar,

you should find the best lash extension factory who can supply both high quality eyelash extensions and supreme service.

So a good Lash Vendors is very important to your Lashes Business.

And today we will show all the issues and questions you will meet and should face when it comes to the lash extensions business,

especially a bulk order.

Eyelash extension Vendor Emma Lashes
Eyelash extension Vendor Emma Lashes

Where to find the best Eyelash Extension Vendor?

As we know China is one of the big Lashes Source Area in the world, they supply over 70% of the lashes to the world.

There are too many Professional Lashes Factory based in Qingdao.

And it is the birth place of the lashes. So make sure that your lash extension supplies comes from these area.

Those lashes factory who based in these area have rich produce experience and Top-notch production process.

The question is some lashes supplies can only copy and they don’t have lashes designers,

so if you want to design your own style, you should find the one who can both design and produce for you.

lash extension vendor Emma Lashes
lash extension vendor Emma Lashes

How many lash extension styles are there on the market?

We can divide the lash extension into different style according to the length, curl, material and diameter.

Length of the lash extension

Most of the lash extension vary from 7mm to 18mm, we can do any length you want, and you can also make a mix order.

c curl  lash extension
c curl lash extension

Curl of lash extension

There are mainly L, B,CD, D, C curl lashes extension on the market, most of the Lashes Shops

would like to order C Curl Eyelash Extension and D curl eyelash extension.

Because people would like to make natural amazing lash extension.

Material of lash extension

Most of the lash extensions are made of synthetic materials such as Silk from Korea PBT fiber.

This is the most artificial material in the market. They are very soft and vivid, can match your real natural lashes very well.

Thickness of lash extension

Most of the lash’s diameter vary from 0.05 to 0.12mm, such 0.05mm lash extensions, 0.07mm lashes extension, 0.1mm lash extensions.

It depends on the thickness of your real natural lashes, if you want to make a perfect effect,

you should choose the right one that match very well.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

The cost of the eyelash extension vary from 1.88 USD to 2.88 USD each box according to the rows and style.

Usually, if you make a mix rows each box, that will a little bit more expensive than the regular order.

Here are some tips for you if you want to get a good wholesale price:


The more the cheaper

If you make a bulk order, you will get a better price, double check each lashes supplies you have, you will save a lot.

If you want to get a exact wholesale price and lashes catalog now, you can add our WhatsApp,

we will give you an exact wholesale price within 1 minute.

Make a custom order

You can make custom packaging together with your lashes order so that you can get a chance to reduce the price.

As we know, the more you order the cheaper the price will be.

So what you should do is that find a reputable lashes vendor who can supply the best product and service to you.

Professional lash extensions supplier for lash artist

Here are some professional identified lash extensions supplier for you,

no matter you are an online shop owner or lash artist who have lashes shops and lash bar.

Some lashes vendor have MOQ limit but the price is low, and some have do not have MOQ limit,

but the price will be higher than the Bulk orders. So you can choose different lashes supplies according to your budget.

Emma Lashes

Emma Lashes is one of the leading Lashes factory based in the birthplace of the eyelashes, Qingdao China,

if you buy strip lashes, they have huge stock, and they can ship to you within 24 Hours, and if you do custom lash extension,

that will takes 3 to 5 business day, and if you do custom lashes packaging that will takes about 7 business days.

More questions please feel free to contact they by WhatsApp.

Emma lashes logo
Emma lashes

Sisley Lashes

Sisley Lashes is a professional US Lashes Vendor, if your company based in the United States,

you can contact they to get a free quote. And they have no MOQ limit too, it is friendly to the newbie.

You can only start with only $120, and they will give you a good
solutions that you can order.

Sisley Lashes
Sisley Lashes

CK Lashes

CK Lashes is a cheap wholesale lashes supplies, if you want to buy bulk orders at a good wholesale price, you can contact them.

At the same time, they have minimum order quantity limit.

So if you want to get a cheap wholesale price, you should tell them the quantity of your order first.

Sally Lashes

Sally lashes is a luxury lashes supplies, if you want to buy the best luxury lashes in the market, Sally Lashes will be a good choice.

All the luxury lashes are designed by their own Lashes Designer. So if you want to do custom lashes and build your lashes brand,

you can contact with Sally Lashes.

Air Eyelash

Air Eyelash is a professional lash extension vendor based in China, they have their own lashes factory,

and if you are a lash shop owner or lash salon, Air Lashes will be a good choice,

and they can do all kinds of lash extension, such as DIY Lash Extension, Individual Lashes,

Cluster Lashes, Classic Lash extensions and so on.

Eyelash extension supplier near me

Sisley Lashes lashes is a professional US Eyelash Extension Supplier and if you are based in the USA,

they can ship the lashes to you within 3 to 5 business days.

If you want to start your lashes business in the USA, they can do custom eyelashes extension with private label.

Sisley Lashes will be the first suppler you should choose.

Beside, there are too many eyelash extension supplies near you ,

and we do suggest you begin with sample orders, and check the quality and service first, and then make bulk orders.

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