Why Are Emma Lashes In Short Supply?

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More and more makeup bloggers find us and choose Emma Lashes to be their Mink Lash Vendor because of the high-quality lashes and competitive prices.

Yes, there are too many eyelash vendors in the market, and you can’t make the right choice through the internet because everyone said they are manufacturers and they have many factories in China, and they can produce a lot of 3d mink lashes, they have hundreds of workers.

So they provide you cheap 3d mink lashes if you make bulk orders, and you believe them and make the bulk orders, so what happens then? You may face those trouble things:

1st if you check each pair, they are asymmetric.

2nd the mink fur is not sharpened, and the top of the fur is broken.

3rd they are hard when you put them on, the band is not soft at all.

4th when you wear them for the first time, the mink fur fall down at some times.

Finally, you miss your custom with that rubbish.

So you have to find a reliable and stable vendor with your full energy.

Why? And they are different than the sample you have.


Four reasons:

 1st Save the cost of the lashes.

The lash’s wholesale price is too low to afford the raw mink fur, and they have to change the quality of the mink fur and use the broken mink fur. And that is very cheap and we never use the leftover, that’s what we have left.

2nd The workers are new.

As you know a skilled worker can only produce 10 pairs a day with full effort. How they can produce so many lashes in a short time?

3rd The band is low quality.

The top luxury lash band is soft and comfortable. If your band is hard, there are two reasons: the first one is your band material is not cotton. The other one is the band glue is poor.

4th band glue is poor.

Which can cause two things to happen. The first one is the band is very hard, and the second one is mink fur fall down when you put them down.

We always said to my customer never to believe in good lashes at a cheap price. That is a joke

We pay too much attention to designing and selecting the raw material, eyelashes shaping, comfort experience, quality test, and concept innovation,

which cost a lot of time and energy and money on our lashes, so we can lead the trend of the fashion in the world.

Each pair of lashes are work of art. And may vendors copy our lashes, but the soul and connotation are not imitated.

We only use the top-quality raw mink fur, we select the Mink Fur one by one by hand.

We do lashes shaping work with our unique physical process with is unique in China, and do no harm to your eyes. So our lashes are very soft and safe, which is the basics of lashes.

Many bloggers come to visit our factory and ask us to design lashes for them and many Hollywood stars use our luxury lashes.

They said, our luxury lashes are much better than Lilly Lashes, if you just want to open the market, you can use our luxury lashes, we do believe you can succeed!

That’s why more and more girls choose Emma lashes and come to China to design their own lashes.


We treat our customers as our gods, and we never deceive god.

We do want everyone to have their own business line and we would love to help more and more people to start A Lash Business Line with proper tips.

Anything we can do for you, just PLS feel free to let me know, we will help you make the right decision at a reasonable price. WhatsApp 0086 134 6581 3039.

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