What are cluster lashes

What are cluster lashes

Cluster Lashes is made of the lash extensions, but we cut them off one by one into clusters of Segmented Eyelashes,

so that people can apply on the cluster lashes one by one with lashes bond and seal.

Are cluster lashes safe
cluster lashes

This is a new style and game changer in the eye make up tools, they are different than the lash extension and strip lashes,

but very similar to both of them. Wispy DIY Cluster Lashes combine the best of the both. Easily to apply and save time and energy.

Friendly to the newbies who have no time to spend and go to the lash bar.

If you want to order cheap Wholesale Cluter Lashes, Emma Lashes will be the first choice who can produce the high-quality lashes and supply the best service to you

we can help you boost your lashes business with our professional tips and skills.

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