wholesale Lash Extension Supplies

Where to find the best wholesale Lash Extension Supplies?

Emma Lashes, as one of the leading Lashes Factory, wholesale lash extension supplies Australia and USA Lashes Vendor, we focus on all kinds of strip lashes, lash extensions, and DIY Lashes, no matter your have online lashes business or own lashes shop and salon offline, we can produce all kinds of lashes you want, and if you want to design your lashes style, we can do custom lashes for you according to your material and sketch.

Flat Eyelash Extensions
Flat Eyelash Extensions

Why we can do custom lashes for you?

As the professional lashes vendor, we have our own lashes designer, such as our customer ask us to produce the same style to Lilly Lashes,

and the quality should be better than Lilly lashes, but the wholesale price should be lower than the Lilly Lashes Supplies, we did that, and use the high-quality raw material such as mink furs and PBT fibers.

Factory direct supply

Our lashes factory are located in Qingdao, China. Birthplace of the lashes, competitive wholesale price, no matter you order one pairs of lashes or 50,000 pairs lashes,

we will give you a good wholesale price.

You can get Free Lashes Sample to test the quality first, and then make bulk orders.

VV Eyelash Extensions
VV Eyelash Extensions

OEM&ODM Service

We can do custom packaging for you and help you build and promote your lashes business with custom packaging, any color, any shape, any patter

we can design and produce for you according to your order.

Top 4 lashes extensions in the market

Top 1 Premade Fan Lashes

Most of our customers who are lashes shop owners or lashes bar home office owners would love to order Premade Fans to make volume lashes to save time and energy.

That will save time and boost productivity.

premade fan lashes
premade fan lashes

Top 2 Cluster Lashes

More and more girls would love to do DIY lashes at home with cluster lashes. So if you have a lashes shop offline or online,

you should focus on the DIY Cluster Lashes.

diy cluster lashes
DIY Cluster Lashes

Top 3 Premade Spikes Eyelashes

Too many young ladies would love to order wispy lashes, as we know, Wispy Lashes are mix of classic lashes and volume lashes together with so spikes lashes to separate some lashes from volume lashes.

So we do design and produce some spike lashes for our customers, and we can also do Glitter Spikes Lashes for you.

Premade spike lashes
Premade spike lashes

Top 4 Easy Fan Lash Extensions

This is special for the skilled mechanics and technicians. Because the easy fan lash extensions are more durable.

You can service three clients with one box easy fan lash extensions but if you choose the Premade Fan Lashes, that will need one box.

So, the easy fan lash extensions will be much more cheaper and affordable for the professional techniques.

easy fan lash extension
Easy Fan Lash Extension

Supplies all kind ofwholesale Lash Extension

We can produce 100% of the lashes extensions for you, and help lash artists make the professional eye make up.

No matter you want to make Cat eye lash extensions, volume lash extensions or wispy lash extensions. we can do any curl any length for you.

You can choose our long stem premade volume fans and short step premade volume fans if you want to save time.

We can also do 4D 5D long stem premade volume fans for you.


If your customer love colorful lashes extensions, we can do color premade fan lashes for you, and if your customers love wispy lashes,

you can choose Spike Lashes together with volume lashes.

More issues about the lash extension supplies wholesale vendor, please feel free to contact with us by WhatsApp,

we will send our wholesale Lash Extension Supplies style and catalog to you, if you want to get the new 2024 lashes catalog, please feel free leave comments below, we will send it to your ASAP.

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