What is the best lashes

What is the best lashes?

Most lashes business owner would love to buy the Best Lashes, but when they make an order, every Lashes Factory said they are the best Lash Vendors and supply the best lashes to them. But when you receive the sample, and do not know how to recognized the best lashes.

Today we will show crucial and helpful tips on how to select the best lashes, and how to choose the best lashes step by step.

Emma Lashes Factory best seller
Emma Lashes Factory best seller

First, Safe and non-polluting products

More and more people would love to order and choose Aseptic Lashes as the the choice. As they come from the aseptic lashes factory. All the product comes from the sterile and dust-free production workshop.

So these lashes belong to the safe one, and can not cause eye diseases and discomfort.

Besides, if the Lashes Manufacturer choose physical industrial technology, the high-temperature water vapor will also have a sterilization effect.

In fact, most of the lashes supplier would choose chemical method, because they are cheaper, take longer and last longer. As we know all the chemical liquid do harm to your eye skin. For the people with sensitive skin, they are not suitable for this type of eyelashes curled by chemical liquid.

Second, Extreme quality Material

Extreme quality material is the base of the Luxury Lashes, they should high-light, vivid, comfortable and do no harm to your body.

There are mainly four kinds of materials in the market:

lashes extension material
lashes extension material

First, Mink Fur

Mink lashes is the most popular in the market in the past two years, most of the lashes business owner start with the mink lashes.

As you know, this is a controversial eyelash product. Most of the people said they are brutal to kill the mink for their fur. In fact, the mink fur is collected with mink when they fall down furs every spring and Autumn. If the mink farms killed them, that will cost as expensive as the mink fur cloth.

As you know, all the mink fur coat make of the real mink fur, they killed the mink for their fur. But for the lashes, the live mink will produce more furs than the death one.

In addition, some ladies said, they carry germs, and they are dirty. In fact, is they know the process of the lashes industry, all eyelashes are autoclaved and shaped by high-temperature water.

Human Hair Fur

Human hair fur is much cheaper than the mink fur, most of the human hair comes from India, Philippine and Indonesia. Because most of the girls have long fluffy hair.

We import them and made the wigs and lashes, we called them “Black Gold”. Because they are rare and expensive, all the human hair product are expensive than the synthetic ones.

Horse Hair Fur

As you know, the horse hair is not as soft as the the human hair and synthetic hair, they are hard, and heavier than the mink fur. So few people would love to apply.

Synthetic Hair

This is the main faux lashes material in the market, made of special soft fiber, such as the Korea PBT Fiber, most of the Lash Extension
vendor would love to choose this mater to do Premade Fans, Classic Lash Extension, Cluster Lashes, and so on.

They have excellent flexibility, length, curl, and diameter.

Because they are both cheap and comfortable, the best material of the faux lashes. It usually cost from 1.48 USD to 2.58 USD according to your length and curl. If you make a mix order, that will a little bit more extensive than the regular order.

Third, Advanced technology and crafts

Most of the lashes factory produce the lashes by machine or semi-automatic equipment, and shaped the curl with chemical liquid, which is much cheaper than the physical method.

On the same time, that will save a lot of time and energy. And if you want to order the best lashes, you should choose physical crafts. As Emma Lashes, we have a lot of skilled workers who can only produce 10 pairs luxury lashes.


If you want to order the best luxury lashes, you should choose Emma Lashes as your first lashes vendor.

Fourth, Design concept and unique style

99% Lashes manufacturer can not design lashes and what they do is just copy. As you know, they can not copy the soul of the lashes.

Instead, we have our own design team, we can design the unique lashes for you according to any shape and any style in the market. Our designer Oscar publish 10 new update style lashes each month, and we send sample to our influencers to test the market, and collect the feedback. We only produce the best sellers to our customers, so that they can sell the lashes out easily in a short time.

Fifth, Reasonable Price

If you want to order the best lashes, please do not pay too much attention on the price. All the high-quality products will cost more than the cheap one.

Besides, the high-quality will cost too much cheaper than the poor one. As we know, all the luxury lashes can be reused up to 25+ times, but if you order the poor quality lashes, they can only used one time, and you have too throw out them.

If you want to get a good wholesale price, you should make a bulk order and do the custom lashes packaging together, the more the cheaper.

Half Lashes
Half Lashes

Sixth, Novelty style, loved by consumers

Young ladies would love to choose the novelty style instead of the general one, because they are eye-catching and unique in the market. Especially the one who want to make a professional eye makeup.

Emma Lashes Exihibition
Emma Lashes Exihibition

Seventh, Who are the best lashes vendor?

If you want to know who are the best lashes vendors, maybe different products different choice. If you want to buy high-quality lashes with reasonable price, Emma Lashes will be the first choice. And if you want to buy cheap Wholesale Lashes, CK Lashes will be fit for you.

More issues about the best lashes and lashes business, please leave comment below, and contact us by WhatsApp, we will try our best to help you out.

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