DIY Colored Lashes


Colored DIY Lashes is one type of DIY Lashes or cluster lashes, as one of the top cluster lashes, most of people would love to or DIY Colored Lashes to attend a party or to celebrate the holiday such as Christmas and New Year.

If you want to promote your lashes business, you can order our DIY Colored Lashes, we can do all kinds of color for you according to your color.

All the colored DIY Lashes are made of high quality synthetic hair, we can do any curl and any thickness for you. Such as C curl, D curl, CC or DD.

Which color can you choose?

we can do more than 10 color for you, such as Red, Light pink, Pink, purple, blue, light green, sea blue, white, dark brown and black brown.

Length of the colored DIY Lashes

You can choose the length from 8mm to 18mm, we can do any length for you according to your order.

Lead time

If you order less than 30 trays we will ship to you within 7 business days, and if you order more than 100 trays that will be up to 15 business days, and the more please add our WhatsApp, we will give you a good wholesale price and exact shipping date.


If you order 120 pcs lashes D curl 8 to 16mm mix 6 colors rainbow individual DIY Lash Extension colorful colored lash clusters, that will be $1.88 to $2.88 each tray.

Price varies from $0.22 to $0.88 USD according the mix order or the regular order with only one color or one size. Any way, as leader of the Lashes Factory, Emma Lashes will give you a good wholesale price.


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