Four key points you should know about cluster eyelash extensions

Cluster Eyelash Extensions plays an important part in the eye beauty business, they belong to the Cluster Lashes, and Lash Extension, many salons love them because it is easy to fill a lot of space out the clusters, that will save a lot of time and energy.

DIY Cluster lashes vendor
DIY Cluster lashes vendor

Where to buy cluster eyelash extensions

If you have your own salons and lash shops, you should find find a Cluster Eyelash Extensions Factory to get a competitive wholesale price.

In fact, most of the cluster eyelashes extensions suppliers comes from Qingdao, China, this is the hometown of the lashes, if you want to find your best Lash Vendors, you should choose the real lashes factory you should choose the original manufacturer, so that you can get too much profits from the lashes business and get the low price.

Who do cluster eyelash extension near me?

Emma Lashes is one of the best cluster eyelash extension vendor who focus on the world market, you can get the lashes within 4 days if you order the lashes in stock.

All the cluster eyelash extension you order, we can do all for you, different length, different curl, and different diameter will do custom lashes according to your order.

cluster eyelash extensions
cluster eyelash extensions

What are cluster eyelash extensions?

Cluster eyelash extensions is one kind of the lash extension, similar to the individual lashes, but with sever individual lashes in a bundle, so that fill the space more quickly than the individual lashes. That will save time and energy to finish the process.

This is the basic ideas that we design and produce the cluster lashes, if you choose the Individual Lash Extension that will takes one to two hour to finish the work, but if you choose the Cluster Eyelash Extensions, that will only takes 30 minutes to finish the work.

Significantly, you can also do that with semi-permanent glue by yourself at home.

This is another reason why so many lashes business owner buy this style lashes.

If you want to promote your lashes business with those Cluster Eyelash Extensions, please leave comments below, we will give you a competitive wholesale price.

cluster eyelashes
Cluster Eyelashes

Which material should you choose?

There are two main material in the market:

First, Mink cluster eyelash extensions

Mink cluster eyelash extensions are made of the mink fur, comes from the young mink, gorgeous, strong, and soft, but a little bit more expensive than the other material.

Second, Synthetic cluster eyelash extensions

Synthetic cluster eyelash extensions are made of the synthetic plastic and fiber, they are soft and the most popular material in the market.

Beside, they are much cheaper than the mink fur. They belongs to the Affordable Lashes.

There are huge opportunity in the lash business market. If you have your own lashes business and lash salon, never miss this material.

More information about the cluster lashes and price, please feel free contact us by WhatsApp, we will give you a good wholesale price.

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