cluster eyelashes

Where to buy cluster eyelashes?

Most of the Cluster Eyelashes Factory comes from China, if you want to find a good Lashes Factory, you can Google Lashes Vendor, and choose one website with lash or lashes domain, and then choose several lashes vendor, make sure make sample order before the bulk orders.

individual cluster eyelashes
individual cluster eyelashes

Top 3 cluster eyelashes vendor

Here are top 3 Cluster eyelashes vendor you can test and cooperate with:

First, Emma Lashes

Emma Lashes is one of the best Cluster Eyelashes Supplier in the market, focus on luxury lashes, if you want to buy the best luxury lashes, you can contact Emma Lashes, will share you our top grade luxury lashes catalog to you.

Second, Sisley Lashes

If you want to buy the best seller and affordable cluster lashes, you can choose Sisley Lashes.

Sisley Lashes is a professional US Lashes Vendor, supply cheap wholesale cluster lashes to the USA and Canada.

Third, CK Lashes

CK Lashes, supply cheap wholesale cluster lashes, if you want to buy Cheap Cluster Lashes, you may choose CK Lashes.

All the Cluster Lashes Vendor are identified one, they supply free sample to you, so that you can test the quality.

cluster eyelashes
cluster eyelashes

Why more and more girls love individual cluster lashes?

Most Lash Extensions artist would love choose Cluster Lashes to be the first choice instead of Classic Lash Extension when they meet Cluster Lashes.

Because the cluster lashes will make perfect volume and fans, besides, if you choose Classic lash extension, you have to do it one by one fur, that will takes too much time and energy.

If you choose the Cluster lashes, that will save a lot of time, and you can serve more customers and make more money.

What’ more, if you do Lash Shalon or Lashes Shop, you will no need supply service any more, you can supply your Individual cluster lashes to them directly, your customer can apply them by themselves at home.

You will get more profits from the lashes business, and will save a lot of money.

cluster eyelashes
cluster eyelashes

The material of cluster lashes

Most of the cluster lash is made of AAA Korea PBT fiber with hand made, we can also do any fur for you according to your order.

The curl of cluster lashes

Most curl of the cluster is CC, L, B, CD, D+, BC, D, C, J2, we can also do custom curl according to your order.

wholesale cluster eyelashes factory
wholesale cluster eyelashes factory

The effect of cluster lashes

Easy to apply

Luxury looking, beautiful, vivacious and charming

This is why more and more girls would love to Buy Individual cluster lashes, easy to apply and will make a professional charming eye make up.

The thickness of cluster

Most of our customers would love to choose 0.03mm, 0.05MM, 0.07MM, and 0.10MM.
We can also do custom thickness according your demand.

cluster eyelashes
cluster eyelashes

How many style cluster eyelashes in the market?

The length of stem

we can divided the cluster eyelash into long stem cluster lashes and short stem cluster lashes.

According to the number of lashes in the cluster

we can divided the cluster into 3D, 4D,5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, and 12D. For example, if you choose 3D Cluster Lashes, the quantity of the fur is 3.

contact emma lashes emma lashes

How much do cluster eyelashes cost?

Most of the cluster eyelashes cost from 1.7 USD to 3 USD according to your order.

Such as how many rows in one packaging, The quantity of your order, how many lashes in the cluster, the length of the cluster.

If you want to get an exact wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp, we will give you an exact wholesale cheap price and production time, and delivery time.

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