Trustworthy eyelash suppliers China

How do I find my trustworthy Eyelash Suppliers China?

Most lashes business owner want to find their own Eyelash Suppliers China, because of the low price and high-quality.

Everyone want to get considerable earnings, if you choose a Native Lashes Vendor, you can’t get the competitive price.

So today, we will share three tips to help you find your own China Lashes Supplier.

China Lashes Supplier
Eyelash Suppliers China

First, Google them with keyword Eyelash Suppliers China

You can find thousands of Lash Vendors from the Internet, and what you should do is screening different suppliers,

and some are lashes manufacturer and some are traders, so this is a very skillful process.

First, check the website.

Make sure choose the website contain the keyword Lash or Lashes, and check the website if they have their own lashes factory.

Second, check the WhatsApp or the telephone number.

If they the number begin with +86 or 0086, you many find the China lashes supplier, and they test the sample and service.

Second, Search China Lashes Vendor on social media.

Most lashes vendor will post on the social media, such as YouTube, Ins, TikTok, Pinterest, check all the information they post,

and you will make your decisions if they are Eyelash Suppliers China.

Third, Attend China exhibition.

You can find too many lashes manufacturer here, such as Guangdong Fairs, but this is not the convenient way now because of the CONVID-19.

lashes factory
lashes factory

Why choose China eyelash suppliers?

China is the birthplace of the lashes since Qing Dynasty. They own high-tech skills and rich experiences. Especially in the luxury lashes area.

Most of the famous Lashes Brand over the world such as Lilly Lashes, Tatti Lashes, House of lashes, Lotus Lashes, Ardell Lashes, they buy Wholesale Lashes from China.

Besides, if you open a Lash salon or lash shop, amazon shop, you can also buy cheap wholesale lashes from China,

they can help you all the things that Amazon need, such as put on your label, ship to your local FDA warehouse.

How to cooperate with China Lashes Manufacturer?

Three key points you should know to make a perfect order:

First, price.

As you know, different style and material different cost, and if you want to get the exact wholesale price,

you should make list to your Lashes Manufacturer, they will check all the cost for you.

If you do custom lash packaging, that will have a budget, so the more you order the cheaper will be as usually.

Second, Keep an eye on promotions.

Some lashes vendor have promotions, so such as Emma Lashes, we have too many promotions in each festival days and each day we have promotion, if you catch this opportunity, you will get a good price.

If you love your Lashes Factory, make sure follow their website or social media, you will save a lot in a perfect point.


No matter how low the price is, you should put quality first, check the quality with the sample order,

and then check the service with a second small order, and they you can make a bulk order to get a good wholesale price.

best natural mink lashes
Best lashes supplier

Who is the best lashes supplier?

Every Lashes Wholesalers said they are the best lashes supplier in the market, and you should check them with sample order, service, shipping circle, design and development capabilities, goods transport safety and security capacity.

All the issues you met on your lashes business, they can help you solve.

If you want to do unique lashes and build your own lashes brand, they can design and produce for you secretly, keeping trade secrets for you.

So if you want to get the whole list of a Good Lashes Supplier, please contact us by WhatsApp, we will send it to you, so that you can check them one by one.

Wish you find your own trusted Eyelash Suppliers, supply high-quality lashes and service to you.

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