where to buy bulk lashes

Where can I buy bulk lashes?

If you want to buy bulk lashes, you’d better find wholesale Lash Vendors, such as Lashes Factory or manufacturer to get a good cheap wholesale price,

this is the foundation of your lashes business.

lashes supplier
lashes supplier

First, you can use Google to search them

This is an easy way to get all the information you want to get, such as if you want to do mink lashes business,

just Input Mink Lashes Vendor Google will give you all the information and website you want,

all you need to do is check them one by one, and do make sure to make a sample order to test the quality first.

Second, search them on YouTube.

You can search lashes vendors on YouTube, many Lashes YouTubers will give you so many answers,

but you should do it by yourself because some influencers do not give you the right answer,

you should try to find the real lashes factory video posted by the real lashes factory.
So that you can get a good real lashes factory.

Third, visit the hometown of lashes.

As you know, Qingdao, Shandong, China, is one of the famous lashes hometowns,

about 70% of the luxury lashes were made by these lashes factories, there are thousands of lashes manufacturers here,

you will find so many high-quality lashes factories, such as Lilly Lashes Vendor.

lilly lashes retail price
lilly lashes retail price

How to buy lashes in bulk?

Three tips help you make a good cheap bulk lashes order.

First, Find a wholesale lashes vendor or lashes factory

You can easily find your wholesale lashes vendor using the method we mentioned before.

All you need to do is check and test them, ask for sample order.

If you want to know more about how to test your mink lashes and lashes vendor, you can leave a message to us,

we will share more details about this.

Second, Tell them the quantity you want to order

As you know, all the lashes factories supply wholesale prices to you,

so you should tell them your budget or quantity you want to order so that they will check the cost for you ASAP.

Besides, if you order custom lashes packaging, you should check the production at the same time.

such as how long will it takes, which shipment do you prefer?

You could ask for a discount if you order custom lash packaging, the more you order, the cheaper it will be.

Third, Check the cost and production for you

When you receive the price. You should compare them with the other lashes factory if they are cheaper or expensive.

But if you find a good Lashes Supplier, they will supply the best quality to you,

and you can solve your lashes in a short time, you won’t compare the price anymore.

If you find a bad lashes vendor, they will supply bad lashes at a very low cheap price.

So you should not only focus on the price but also the quality.

bulk lashes
bulk lashes

How much does it cost to buy mink lashes bulk?

Well, it depends on the style you order, usually costs from $1 to $5 according to the style and quality you order.

25mm mink lashes bulk order cost

If you order a 25mm mink lashes bulk order, that will cost from $3 to $5 for each pair,

and there are much cheaper ones, I suggest you don’t buy them because they are made of bad mink fur and the lashes are not the high-quality one,

and you can’t sell them out, what the worse, you will lose your customers.

20MM Mink Lashes Bulk order cost

20mm mink lashes cost from $2 to $4.5 according to your quantity, the cheaper,

if you order your custom lash packaging together, that will be much cheaper.

Natural Mink Lashes Bulk order cost

Natural mink lashes cost a little bit cheaper than 25MM Mink Lashes Bulk orders, which will be $2 to $4 according to your style and quality.
And we also have the best quality mink lashes in the market, which will cost $6 to $8 according to the style, and that will only supply the Hollywood star.

bulk mink lashes
bulk mink lashes

Bulk lashes for makeup artist

If you are a makeup artist, we supply the best price and quality lashes to you, we can help you start your lash business step by step.

Such as logo design, we can help you design a free logo, and build a website for you.

We supply high-quality product photos to you so that you can post them on your website and social media.

It is very easy to help you promote your Lashes Business.

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