4 tips find a good lash vendors

4 Tips help you choose a good Wholesale Lash Vendors

Today we will share 4 main tips help you choose a good Lashes Wholesale Vendors, easy and efficient ways help you make a good Wholesale Lashes order.

First, Where to find good wholesale lash vendors?


You can search your wholesale lashes vendor on Google, and Google will give you an exact answer, so you can test the website contain Lashes, only the website name contain Lash or Lashes will be the professional lashes vendors or lashes factory, who can supply cheap wholesale lashes to you.

25mm mink lashes
25mm mink lashes


You can search your wholesale lashes vendor on YouTube, most of the professional lashes vendors will share the production videos or products on YouTube, you can identify them easily.

And leave comment or use the contact information to communicate with them to make an inquiry.


This is a traditional ways, but it does not work in the CONVID-19 time. So you should do business online instead of offline, and you should enhance your ability of data analysis and improve your discernment skills.

Second, How to test my lash wholesale vendors?

As we said, the best efficient way is test your wholesale lashes vendors.

Make a sample order

This is the first step you should do before your bulk lashes order. No matter what good your lashes vendors said on the website, you should test them first.

Some Lash Vendors send Top Grade Luxury Lashes to you but when you make bulk orders, they sold bad lashes mixed with Good ones.
So you should test a second small order too.

Clear Lashes SAT08
Clear Lashes SAT08

Make a small order

You may make an 50 to 200 pairs lashes to test the quality again, you can make custom lashes packaging to test all the process and service your lashes vendor supplied.

Then you should test if the sketch and design are the professional ones, you will test all from the small order.

And How long will your custom lashes packaging takes? and so on.
You will get all the answers you want to get.

sample order
sample order

Third, How much do my wholesale lashes cost?

Price , is another important factor in the lashes business. If you want to make profits from the Lashes Business you should know the price and make sure to get a good wholesale price.

As we mentioned before, if you want to buy wholesale Natural Lashes, that will cost from $2 to $3 usually, and if you want to buy the best mink lashes, you should pay more expensive than ordinary ones.
If you buy 25MM Mink Lashes, that will be $4 to $5 according to your quantity.
Different quality different price, and the more the cheaper.

Do not buy cheap bad lashes, otherwise you will lose your customers and market at last.

All your customers are expert in this area, they can easily identify the quality of your lashes.

Clear Band Lashes SAT08
Clear Band Lashes SAT08

Fourth, How to make a good wholesale lashes orders?

Test the market, and select the best seller

Different market, different best seller, so you should test them and record the sales data.
When you make a next order, you should reference the data and make a right purchase.

Order the best seller you test

Do not order lashes what you like, order the style what your customers love.
Make sure order the best seller you test. Beside, test the new style lashes, and update your lashes to attract more regular customers.

This is the main four steps you should know before your lashes business, and if you want to know more professional information, you can add our WhatsApp, we will show you more professional skills to you to help you make a perfect order.

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