Why do we ship lashes so fast?

According to our detailed investigation and research, after customers place the order, the sooner they receive the goods,
the faster they will put the products into the market and the faster they obtain revenue.
Therefore, we put the delivery speed as equally important as the product quality, and we Ship Lashes Fast.

1. We have sufficient stock to make sure ship lashes fast

We have strong confidence in our products and their qualities,
so we have prepared a large inventory of all the best-selling eyelashes in the market.
At the same time, this can ensure that our eyelashes can be delivered rapidly at any time after customers place an order so that customers can enjoy high-quality service.

eyelash factory
eyelash factory

2. Our team has a clear division of labor, performs its own duties, and has a high degree of specialization.

After receiving the order, our marketing team immediately sends the order to our warehouse management team.
The warehouse management team instantly ships, packs,
and deliveries according to the content of the order and the requirements of customers,
so as to deliver it to customers in a faster time.

Lashes Vendor Emma Lashes
Lashes Vendor Emma Lashes

3. We have a sound set of delivery processes and team management systems.

After the customer’s order is completed, a work order will be assigned to each relevant team immediately.
After completing each individual work, they will finally transfer it to the warehouse management team for packaging and delivery. This process is very efficient.

4. Our production system is perfect.

Our company practices efficient management and execution. From customer inquiry to quotation, design renderings, packaging, and delivery, we have strict time limits,
all of which must be completed within 24 hours.
If it exceeds 24 hours, there will be corresponding rectification punishment,
and some compensation will be made to customers. In this way,
we are committed to providing customers with efficient and high-quality services.

Top 5 lashes factory
Top 5 lashes factory

5. We have rich experience in production and sales.

Our team has accumulated a lot of business operation experience.
Making full use of the experience and team division of labor,
we can complete the work efficiently and excellently in a short time to ensure that the customer’s goods are sent out in time.

6. We only cooperate with efficient express companies.

Whether it is domestic express delivery or international express delivery, we ensure that the goods are transported by the first-rate express company,
which is efficient and safe. At the same time, we can ensure that customers can receive the goods within 2-4 working days after delivery.
Based on our detailed and rigorous investigation, we are proud that we are one of the eyelash enterprises with the fastest delivery speed in the world.

Only in this way can we help our customers quickly occupy the market and seize the first opportunity.
In some other lash factories, the delivery time is about 5 days, the transportation time is 15 to 20 days.
Thus it takes a month for the customers to receive the goods.
Whereas our customers have already received the goods and sold out the products quickly, and even the second order has been received and put on the market for sales.

If you order real Mink Eyelashes from us, we can Ship Lashes Fast than other vendors so that you can receive the goods earlier.
If you only order Mink Eyelashes without customized packaging, we can deliver the goods on the day you place the order.
Whether you order Lashes Custom Logo with your own trademark or not, we can create your own Lashes Custom Logo for you.
Therefore, you don’t need to worry about this. We can produce your Custom Eyelash Box Packaging in only 3-5 days. You can place an order at ease.

Many of our long-term customers say that when they order from other vendors, it takes more than 20 days to deliver goods.
In this case, they need to place an order about a month in advance, which is undoubtedly a waste of time.
You may have such a question. Why can we deliver goods immediately after you place an order?
The reason is that we are a professional Eyelash Vendor USA.
We have sufficient inventory and an excellent delivery process and system.
We can provide the most professional and fastest service for your eyelash business.

We offer professional and efficient services. While helping our customers save time,
we also help our customers save costs. The sooner we put eyelashes on the market, the sooner we will gain profits,
the faster we can seize the market and business opportunities in a short time, obviously the best sales performance for the customers.

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