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25MM Mink Lashes Vendor

25mm lashes wholesale mink eyelash vendor emma lashes help you start your lashes business line with 25mm mink eyelash and 20mm

Emma Lashes are the Best Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor And Manufacturer in China, and we only focus on Luxury Mink Lashes and our Luxury 25mm Mink Eyelash are very popular in USA.

Why so many people choose Emma Lashes as the first vendor?

Because our customer know the market and to get more consumer in the 3D Mink Lashes market ,and most of the distributor sell bad Lashes in the market .

They do not know the top grade Eyelash and even never buy them.

It’s not that they don’t want to buy our Luxury Eyelashes, it’s that they can’t buy them.


The first reason is that our luxury lashes are of short supply in the market. Some other Lashes Wholesale Vendor said they can produce 100000000 pairs a year. But we can’t . why?

Because all the lashes we made by our hand, and we don’t use machine. And our lashes are fill with our energy and soul . so they are in short supply , and we can’t produce so many in the market.

They second reason is that most people can not buy them in the market , and most people and distributor buy them just for personal use.

So you may miss our Luxury Mink Eyelash in the market.

And the important thing is that once your customer use our Luxury Eyelash , they won’t use the others lashes any more.

25mm wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors lash
25mm wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors lash

And we wish every one can have a try with Emma Lashes , and we will bring the Real 3D Mink Lashes to you , and you will feel the difference between the bad lashes and ordinary mink lashes.

We are responsible not only to our distributors , but also to the end users. And that’s why so many customer choose Emma Lashes .

We just want to every girl who love beauty make up , and bring them the real mink lashes to them , and our lashes are all green and safe product.

25mm wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors supplier
25mm wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors supplier

All the style we design by our own designer. And we never copy the others.

We are responsible Chinese supplier, we have some perfect return policy, if not satisfied,refund.

If you want to know How to start your lashes business and more business cooperation , welcome add whatsapp008613465813039.get help .


16 thoughts on “25MM Mink Lashes Vendor

  1. Your WhatsApp number is not working unfortunately because I am really interested in you guys and I am in great need of lash vendors.

    1. sorry honey, you can add 008613465813039 , and also we will send email to your box, and we are Best Luxury Mink Lashes Vendor In China, and you can’t miss us,and we will send our lashes catalogue and custom packaging boxes catalogue to your email, Best Regards!

    2. Hey my names maria im interested in starting my own lash line!

    3. hi honey, we will help you start your lashes business line step by step

  2. Please send me an email. I have some questions and would love to work with you.

    1. OK Honey, will send to you asap

  3. i want to start my lash business

    1. we can help you start your lashes business line step by step honey , pls check your email , will send you info in you box

  4. Hi, I’m interested in you being my vendor. Could I have your WhatsApp contact?

    1. yes honey, our whatsapp is 8613465813039

  5. Hi can you send me the full catalog with prices and details to my inbox

    1. yes honey, will send to you pls check your email .

  6. Hi I want to start my own lash business can you send me a catalogue of your product prices.

    1. yes honey, will send to you asap

  7. Hi Im in need of a lash line and I’m interested. Can I see your catalog for mink 18-25 mms

    1. yes honey , will send our catalog to you , and we will help you start your lashes business line step by step .

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