Are Mink Eyelashes Synthetic?

In fact, Real Mink Lashes are made of mink fur, and Faux Mink Lashes are made of synthetic furs.

If you don’t have a professional Lashes Wholesale Vendor, you may buy the Mink Eyelash with synthetic fur.

First, your Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor should ensure the raw material is Mink Fur, and then he will produce the mink fur lashes with Real Mink Fur.

So if you have no idea about mink fur, should go to a professional detection agency to monitor it.

And it is difficult to detect ingredients by ordinary methods.

And the easy way is that you should choose a trustworthy Wholesale Lashes Manufacturer such as Emma Lashes.

Our raw materials are all 100% Real Mink Fur which comes from Siberian Mink Fur and China Mink Fur, and they are natural black and fluffy. Very soft with a luxury appearance.

wholesale 3d mink lashes vendor 25mm mink eyelash customer show(2)
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendor 25mm mink eyelash customer show(2)

All the mink fur is sterilized by heat treatment. So our Luxury Lashes are very safe and green, but the other lashes are shaped by chemical liquid. That is very dangerous.

If you wear chemical Lashes every day, your lashes will be damaged by the Eyelash.

So if you want to Start Your Own Lashes Business Line. You should be careful to choosing your Lashes Vendor Wholesale.

Otherwise, maybe you will buy Synthetic Mink Lashes.

And do you want to know the composition of synthetic fur?

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