Where to buy wholesale mink eyelashes?

Are you looking for high-quality eyelash products? Do you want to explore Healthy Eyelashes? Do you eager to enjoy professional service?

Then follow us! Emma Lashes will show you more details about the Wholesale Lashes Suppliers USA business industry.

We will constantly update your authoritative expertise and choose the right eyelash vendors and eyelash products for you!

Our purpose:

Help you select the best eyelash products,vendors and services!

Promote your  Wholesale Mink Eyelashes business to climb with a wider market and growing profits!

Where to find a good and qualified wholesale mink eyelashes supplier?

Who can provide you with a professional Mink eyelash wholesale business?

What are two kinds of American wholesale mink eyelashes suppliers?  

Why choose wholesale mink eyelashes?

How many of the top ten eyelash factories in China do you know?

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With these questions, let’s go into the World Of Eyelashes

How about starting with the eyelash market?
There are two kinds of American eyelash suppliers in the market, one is a local  Eyelash manufacturer, and the other, foreign Eyelash vendor.

Besides saving time and cost in testing products and styles, local manufacturers have no advantage in price.

Foreign eyelash suppliers mostly refer to Chinese companies. China is the birthplace and production base of eyelashes with a strong production capacity,

obvious price advantage, and high-quality eyelash, especially suitable for beauty salon, supermarket procurement,

individual beauty makeup, and bloggers procurement. Covid-19 has led to strict checks on travel between countries.

25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ143
25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ143

However, the professional service of Chinese enterprises is efficient and the delivery service is timely, which is consistent with the local logistics in the United States, or even faster.

Thus, seize the opportunity which may rapidly promote your eyelash business and make enormous profits!

Of course, you can do a Google search or seek Eyelash Suppliers on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

We wouldn’t advise you to do that without professional identification.

After all, “Every potter praises hit the pot.” We would like to offer you the following suggestions.

Three-step strategy:

A. Pre-purchase test. (if you do not know how to test, contact us, we will guide you)

B. Know the characteristics of superior eyelashes.

C. Make test orders to judge their service attitude.

Good eyelashes are very popular in the market, if the seller does not reply in time, please be more patient.

If you want to find a top-selling model, contact us and we’ll send you the one for 2020.

25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ88
25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ88

The list of eyelash vendors after-market testing is ready for you, and if necessary, we are willing to recommend to you free of charge.

Reasons for choosing mink hair

1 Lifelike and precious in material, light and soft in texture with nobility compared with chemical fiber hair, horsehair, and false eyelashes;

2 High cost, superior quality;

3 Various kinds for your satisfying selection;

4 Easy and convenient to wear; No need to go to the beauty salon to graft eyelashes, which is expensive and time-wasting;

5 Worthy cost performance with high reusability.

We hope that people can actually wear green, healthy, fashionable, top-grade, and Luxury 3D mink Lashes.

If you want to get a real mink sample, you can contact our staff to get three free samples of eyelashes for testing.

 Master these three points and you will find qualified suppliers!

First, High-quality eyelash products

This is the basis for deciding whether they are high-quality eyelash suppliers or not, regardless of the service.

Second,Healthy eyelashes

What consumers must understand is that most factories use chemical agents to shape and create 3D effects.

If the residue is not cleaned thoroughly, it will irritate the eyes and skin on the eyelashes,

which will cause eye fatigue and watery eyes in some cases, and eye diseases in others. So healthy eyelashes are especially important.

Third, Professional Services

This kind of professional service can be transformed into a brand and sales force in the market,

which will help you better achieve sales goals and improve your brand image.

Professional service comes from professional teams with perfect functions and a clear division of labor, which is more trustworthy and cooperative.

There are two Lashes vendors in the market, which provide professional eyelash wholesale business.

  • International trade wholesalers.

At present, 64% of eyelash vendors are international trade wholesalers, among which half have a professional ability,

strong serviceability, and fast response speed. They directly buy large quantities of eyelashes from companies at very low prices and export them to customers around the world.

Two kinds:

one is the factory of industry trade body which have their own international trade departments and factories. The ministry of trade is mostly in the CBD of the city’s, and the factories are seated in the remote suburbs, so it takes two to three hours to drive to visit.

The other is a pure eyelash factory. If you are professional enough, you must know those high-end eyelashes belong to handicrafts.

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG021
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG021

Our eyelashes are all made by hand with high labor costs, so our factories are located in towns. Without an international trade department,

export capacity, or professional sales staff, the factory itself is specialized in serving international trade wholesalers.

If you want to do business with them, you have to come to the Chinese factory with an interpreter so that you can negotiate and communicate.

If necessary, our company will provide this kind of translation service, and help you choose the best eyelashes and manufacturers. 

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG013
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG013

Besides, We will provide a vehicle and accommodation service, a one-stop service reception service so that you can enjoy the characteristics and folk customs, food, and culture of Qingdao in China.

Our goal is not sales performance, but our serviceability that how many housewives, students, beauty salons, supermarkets, eyelash companies,

Eyelash Wholesalers can we help and how many people to start businesses, to achieve the dream of wealth and life value can we drive!

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG007
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG007

Action is always better than thought.

 Any questions from you are welcomed to us!

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