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How to choose eyelash vendor?

Eyelash vendor is the most important thing for you if you want to start a 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale business line.

First ,What is a good wholesale eyelash vendor ?

1 Supply top grade lashes lashes.

This is the basic thing you should know, instead of sales and service, your customer would like to order the best mink lashes to show the taste and personality and beauty.

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG020
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG020

2 The price of Lashes Wholesale

This is the second thing you should pay attention to , and you need to get more profits from the lashes business line , so you should import lashes with lower price and sold our with higher price.
So you should find a top lashes vendor with competitive wholesale price. And if you want to get the wholesale mink lashes price, you can add whatsapp8613465813039 to get the lashes catalog and price.

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG019
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG019

3 Best service

This is not just the sales service the provide, you will meet more and more questions and issues you never met and they should help you solve all the issues you met in the market. And later will show you more details about the issues you will meet.

Second, Where to find your eyelash vendor ?

The best and easy way is you input Eyelash Vendor and search by Google, and you will find too many lashes vendor. But you should check the lashes vendor one by one .

The second way is that your can search by Youtube, such as you can use keyword  How to start a 3D mink lashes business line with free logo and
How to start a lashes business line with free eyelash packaging and private label step by step
you will find the right lash vendor, and they will show what they can do to you and what you want to buy .

Usually , there have Lashes Chanel and eyelash packaging channel, and you can get the idea from the video , and this is the second easy ways you can choose.

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG008
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG008

One more thing, because you have no idea and never do business line with these Lashes Vendor before . So you should test all the Lashes Supplier you want to cooperate, and , will tell you how to choose them one by one.

Third , How to choose eyelash vendor?

We have to you too many ways to choose the lashes vendor ,and today will show you two many ways to choose your lashes vendor quickly.

The first way is still the lashes sample.

Only you receive the lashes sample , you can make the judgment.

Never just see the website and you should make the decision by yourself .

Only you see the luxury lashes sample , you feel the real fur ,and apply on , test the soft of the band, can you make a bulk orders.

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG002
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG002

Everybody say they are the best mink lashes vendor in the market, no one would like to tell tell you the truth about the lashes.

Beside, best quality is always the most important thing for the Lashes Distributor, and most lashes vendor would charge for you, and we don’t do this, we pay too much time and energy to produce the luxury lashes , and we want more and more people to wear the best mink lashes , so we push our Free Eyelash Sample policy.

If you want to get free eyelash sample to test the quality and style , you can add whatsapp8619953275649 to get the best mink lashes sample.

Second, customer service.

You should know what your Lashes Vendor can do for you , and what is the point you need.

In fact , your Lashes Factory can do many things for you to help you make more profits from the business line.

1 Do custom lashes for you .

Most lashes vendor can’t do this for you , because they are not the lashes factory, they just trading company, so you should choose a lashes factory to get the cheap wholesale price.

2 Do custom eyelash packaging for you .

Most Lashes manufacturer USA just Don’t do custom packaging for you ,because they are not the factory, and some Lashes Wholesale Vendor USA don’t do this service for you , because they don’t have design team and Eyelash Packaging Factory.

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG006
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG006

3 After-sale service

You should know the after-sale service your lash vendors supply, different eyelash vendors , different after-sale service. And some lash vendor don’t have this service even .

4 Return policy.

What should you if you don’t like this lashes or the style is not you want to order?
What should you do if your lashes and custom packaging boxes were destroyed by the express?

You may meet too many things about the product, transportation.
So you need to know the return policy , and if you find a good lashes vendor , you don’t need too know the policy, and they will solve all the problems you met in the market.

More useful skills please add whatsapp to get more professional information.

Third, choose best mink lashes and cheap mink lashes vendor.

Yes , it is very difficult for you to choose a suitable eyelash vendor in the market.

If you choose the best mink lashes , as you know , that will cost too much.

wholesale 6D mink lashes HG003
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG003

And if you order cheap mink lashes , you will lose your lashes customer.
What should you do to choose a high quality luxury lashes with reasonable wholesale price?

Nothing but test.

You should test three lashes vendors at least , and choose the better one to cooperate with .

And if you want to have the best mink lashes vendor with cheap price, you can add whatsapp will share the best mink lashes vendor list for you ,and you don’t have to waste too much time and energy to find your Lashes Vendor Wholesale .

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