Where to buy natural lash extension

Where to buy natural lash extension

Natural Lash Extension plays an important part in the lash extension. Most of the ladies would love to choose the natural one instead of the long dramatic one. They would love to choose the 8mm to 16mm long natural lash extensions.

natural lash extension
natural lash extension

If you have your own Lash Shop or Lash Bar, you may choose a good Natural Lash Extension Factory who produce Lash Extension and supply cheap Wholesale Natural Lash Extension to you.

Here are three ways to find the right Lash Vendors:

First, Google.

You can find too many Lashes Factory in Google with the Keyword Lash Vendor , or Lashes Factory, make sure choose the website with Lash or Lashes, and choose China Lashes Vendor if you want to buy the best quality at a cheap wholesale price.

Second, Exhibition.

All the attendees are the lashes manufacturer, but it is a little difficult in the COVID-19 period. And you can’t find the real lashes factory easily. So Google will be your first choice and all you should do is compare and choose one or two identified Lashes Suppliers.

Third, Social Media

You can check the YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. You may find too many lashes supplier on the market, and you can easily check the information with video they posted.

wholesale lash extensions
wholesale lash extensions

How much do natural lash extension cost?

If you buy wholesale Natural Lash Extension that will be from 2.5 USD to 3.5 USD according to the material and quantity. The more the cheaper.

And if you do Natural Lash Extension at salon by professionals, that will cost 100 USD to 200 USD, and the lash artists will takes more than one hour to finish the work.

So if you customer do not have time and money, some will choose the Individual Lash Extension, so that customers can easily apply them on at home with few minute.

If you want to inquire the both, please add our WhatsApp, will give you an exact wholesale price.

How long do natural lash extension last?

As you know, the time depend on the health of your natural lashes and semi-permanent glue, each natural lash extension is attach to each natural healthy lashes, if your natural lash falls down, the lash extension will fall down too, besides, if you use high-quality lash glue, that will last more than 15 days.

natural lash extension
natural lash extension

When do natural lash extension infills?

Usually you should infill new lash extension two weeks when your natural lashes fall down.

But it depends on the life span of your natural lashes, different people different span.

Natural lash extension near me

You can easily find your lash extension bar or lash shop on Yelp, and most lashes bar from Yelp buy cheap wholesale lashes extension from China Lashes Vendor such as Emma Lashes.

If you want to buy cheap wholesale lash extension, or start your lashes business, please feel free contact us, we can help you start step by step at a good cheap wholesale price.

Classic natural lash extension

Classic natural lash extension is one of the most popular natural lash extension, most of the ladies would love to apply Classic natural lash extensions.

If you have your own lashes salon, never miss this classic natural lash extensions.

Besides, there are too many materials in the market, such as mink, fiber, and synthetic materials.

Mink lash fur will be a little more expensive than the other ones, but the fiber and synthetic materials are much more comfortable and cheaper than mink lashes.

color lash extensions
color lash extensions

What is the most natural eyelash extensions?

The most natural extension materials are mink or silk. They are also the most lightweight, which makes them ideal for those who have never worn lash extensions before. If you want to buy the best quality natural eyelash extensions at a good cheap wholesale price, please feel free contact us by WhatsApp, will give you a competitive wholesale price.

Do lash extension ruin your natural lashes?

Lash extensions absolutely should not ruin your natural lashes if you buy high-quality lashes from your identified lashes vendors.

Actually, natural lashes only become damaged from extensions if they are applied incorrectly!

There are also a couple of practices to keep in mind so that your natural lashes stay nice and healthy: Don’t rub or tug at your lash.

Beside, everyone loses their eyelashes naturally and is able to regrow new natural lashes.

But you should pay attentions to your semi-permanent lashes glue, if you use the bad cheap lash glue, that will do harm to your eyelash and eye skin.

More issues about natural lash extensions, please feel free contact us, if you want to buy high-quality lash extensions, please feel free contact us.

We will go to the best to help you solve all the problems you encounter.

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