Where to buy Biodegradable lash tray

Where to buy Biodegradable lash tray?

More and more girls would love to choose Biodegradable Lashes with Biodegradable Lash Tray.

The biodegradable lash tray is also called Eco-Friendly Lash Tray, they are recyclable, reusable and degradable in 45 days.

Biodegradable lash tray is made by sugarcane bagasse, belongs to the molded paper pulp, a special craft in the paper industry. we can produce your private label on the surface of the tray.

biodegradable lash tray
Biodegradable Lash Tray

Why choose biodegradable lashes trays?

Biodegradable Lash Tray is made from bagasse, help reduce the wastage of materials after sugarcane harvest.

They are also completely compostable and take approximately 3-6 months to decompose which is comparable to palm and bamboo products.

Pulping bagasse is also more efficient and eco-friendly to the planet than creating a plastic lashes trays.

This is the key point why so many environmentalists love them.

If you want to order them together with your lashes and packaging, please let me know by WhatsApp, will give you a good price.

biodegradable lash trays
biodegradable lash trays

Who supply biodegradable lashes trays?

Emma Lashes is one of the best Biodegradable Lash Tray Supplier, we are a Lash Tray Manufacturer specialized in Biodegradable Lash Tray.

We helped so many regular customers promote their Lash Business, and is you want to promote your lashes business and build your own lashes brand, please feel free contact us, we can help you build your lash brand with private label and custom packaging.

At the same time, no matter you are our regular customers or newer in this lash industry, we will give you a competitive wholesale price and low MOQ.

But the biodegradable lashes tray is a little bit more expensive than the plastic one. Besides, they are little bit more heavier than the plastic one, so the shipping cost will cost a little bit more expensive than regular plastic one.

biodegradable lashes tray
biodegradable lashes tray

How much do biodegradable lash trays cost?

Some Lash Vendors sold them with $0.5 each one, in fact, they do cost a little bit more, but if you order from Emma Lashes, that will be $0.2 to $0.3 if you order below 200 pcs, and if you order more than 300 pcs, that will be too much cheaper, the more you order, the cheaper will be. If you want to get the exact cheap wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp, will give you an exact cheap wholesale price.

How many colors eco-friendly lash tray do you have?

Well, any color will do in fact, but we only have white color in stock, and if you want to do custom color, the MOQ is 10000 pcs, and that will take 15 business days.

In fact, most of the lashes are natural black, and the white tray will be the best one.

Anyway, we will try our best to help you design and produce a perfect color for you.

Our design team and salesman team will create beautiful and atmospheric, low-cost solutions for you.

More information about your promotions and sales solutions please feel free contact us, we are expert in lashes industry. We will try our best to help you.

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