Where to buy mink lashes

Where to buy Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes, as the raw tools for eyelash makeup, more and more girls would love to buy mink eyelashes to make amazing and professional eye makeup.

According to Google data, more and more people start the mink Lashes Business line, and this is a good opportunity to earn money through the website in this CONVID-19 serious times.

Such as Lilly Lashes, they do a good job in this beauty industry.

And Emma Lashes, as one of the top five Lashes Vendor, we helped many girls and companies purchase Cheap Wholesale Mink Lash at a competitive wholesale price.
our luxury mink eyelash are very popular in the USA, all the lashes are the best style, and all in stock.

No matter you make mink eyelashes Bulk Orders or small orders, we can ship to you in a short time, because we are Lashes Factory, and we have huge stock. we are confident with our luxury mink lashes, and we do have many regular customers.

we do honest and long business with you, not the bad Eyelash Vendors, they use Best Lashes Sample to you, and when you make bulk orders, they change the material to the bad one, and you can’t find the difference unless you continue to follow us and read the skills we shared to you.

How many kinds of mink lashes do you have?

we have more than 300 popular styles in stock, and we design and produce too many style lashes for our customers.
there are mainly three style mink lashes in the market according to the length of the mink fur.

First, Natural Mink Lash

This style of lashes is usually 13 to 18mm long, and they are short, so you can call them Short Mink Lash instead.
If your customers want to make natural eyelash makeup, they will choose Natural Mink Lash to be the first choice.

Second, 20MM Mink eyelash

20mm mink eyelash is 20mm long from the bottom of the mink fur to the top.
They are the styles between natural mink lashes and long dramatic lashes, some girls just want their lashes a little bit narual and dramatic, so they will choose 20MM Mink to lash.

Third, Dramatic Mink eyelashes

we usually called this style lashes 25MM Mink Lash, because the length of the mink fur is 25MM long.
These style lashes are very hot in the USA now, and young girls love them very much, they are amazing and gorgeous, fluffy, and soft. Most of our customers only order this long dramatic styles, and they catch the opportunity to open the market.

Fourth, Colored mink lashes

You can also call this style lashes Colorful Mink Lashes, we can do any color you want and make beautiful colored mink lash,

and this process we called the Dyeing process.
So this kind of mink lashes is a little bit more expensive than raw color mink lash,

but if you make bulk orders, you will get a good wholesale price. And if you want to get the Lowest price now, you can contact us by WhatsApp now.

Fifth, Messy Mink Lashes

Messy mink lashes are a new style in the market, most people would like to apply messy and fluffy lashes,

so this style of lashes will be a good choice.
Besides, Messy mink lashes also have short messy mink eyelashes and long dramatic messy mink lash.

Luxury Lashes
Luxury Lashes

In conclusion, there are too many style mink lashes in the market, what should you do to make a perfect order?

You have two ways to make a perfect order:

First, if you have a limited budget, Emma Lashes, an expert of mink Lash suggest you just focus on one point.
You should buy the best seller. so you can easily sold all you mink eyelash out and get your money back in a short time.

Second, buy each style of mink lash, different customers different tastes.

so the more style you order, the more choice your customer will have, which will give a good customer experience and service.
If you need help, you can contact us by WhatsApp, we will help you make a perfect decision.

What is the best mink eyelashes supplier?

First, The best mink lash vendor should design lashes and produce mink eyelashes by themselves,

so that he will know the market very well.

Second, produce high quality, and make the unique design.

Vendors for Lashes
Vendors for Lashes

People want the unique high-quality mink eyelash to satisfy the market to get more and more regular customers.
At the same time, this is what we want to do, to achieve a win-win goal.

Third, made by hand.

As you know, more and more Mink Lash vendors use machines to finish the production.

But we can’t do this, we make Mink Eyelash with our hand and soul, the Mink Lash made by machine loses life and soul.
And you can easily tell them apart if you are an expert, if not, follow our blog, we will show you more professional skills you.

Fourth,Top grade mink fur.

Only you use the best raw material you can produce a top-grade luxury mink eyelashes.
we use sellected mink fur from the tail of the young mink, which are fluyy, soft, and gorgeous.
This is the basic stone if you want to make a top grade luxury mink eyelash.

Fifth, Cheap Price.

You should find the Mink Lash Factory, which can give you a cheap wholesale price if you want to start your mink lash business.
You have to test each mink lash vendor if you find several mink eyelash suppliers.

This will cost you a lot of time, and you have to lose your time to get a real lashes factory who can supply best mink lash at a cheap wholesale price.

Why girls choose Emma Mink Lashes?

Fist, Strict QC Policy

Emma Lashes is one of the Best Mink Lash vendors in the USA, we have a strict QC policy and team.
This is the first reason, and people would love to make high-quality mink eyelash from us.

Second, Cheap Wholesale Price

we are the Lashes Factory, so we can supply the best cheap mink lash to our customers, the more the cheaper.
You will have huge profits if you cooperate with us,

and our team will supply the best mink lash and services to you with love patience, and cheap wholesale price.
These are the two key reasons I think,

we will try our best to design and produce more and more unique mink lash for the market.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM02
5D Mink eyelash 5DM02

What the price of your mink eyelash?

Different lashes different, usually, the price is 2 USD to 5 USD according to your quantity.
And, we do have luxury mink eyelashes 8 USD to 12 USD for each pair, no one can set such a high price,

but we can do this because we spend a lot of time and energy on the luxury mink eyelashes.
All these top-grade luxury mink lash they use for the Hollywood star to apply on them to make perfect and professional eye makeup.

And the retail price is 80 USD to 150 USD.
So different costs different market, you should make a decision first. And then win the market.

Wholesale colorful mink lashes CD89
Wholesale colorful lashes CD89

You can also choose 2 USD to 5 USD for each pair, and you will sell more lashes and get more profits if you sold more.
Anything about the Real Mink Lash, please feel free to contact us, we will help you make the right purchase.

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