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Who supply mink lashes wholesale?

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If you want to Buy Mink Lashes Wholesale, welcome choose Emma Lashes, we are one of the best mink lashes vendors in the Lashes Wholesale market,

we supply top-grade luxury mink lashes at competitive wholesale prices. if you want to get a good price and top quality Wholesale Mink Lashes,

welcome add our WhatsApp to get the best mink lash and good price.

classic lashes extensions
classic lashes extensions

If you want to find your Eyelashes Vendor, you should come to this city, and choose a good Lashes Vendor.

Yes, there are too many Lashes Wholesale Manufacture in this city, if you want to find Lilly Lashes Vendor,

you should come to China, if you want to find the Tatti Lashes Manufacturer you should come to China,

we supply all the famous eyelashes Brand with top-grade luxury mink lashes. And you will find them easily, such as Miami style of Lilly Lashes.

1st If you want to start your mink lashes business

We have helped thousands of people start their lashes business line on a low budget.

Design eyelashes logos

Our design team will design a Free Lashes Logo to help the one who what to cooperate with us to start the mink lashes business line.

Do eyelash boxes packaging

we design custom packaging boxes for our Mink Lashes Vendor, any shape any color any idea,

you can tell me and our designer will design for you with professional skills.

Best Mink Lashes Wholesale

We supply top-grade luxury mink eyelashes in the market. If your sales are falling down,

you should be careful about the quality of your lashes and the style of your lashes. so you can make a free lashes sample to test the quality of our Mink Lashes.

2nd Why supply free lashes sample?

We supply free luxury mink lashes samples, just to more and more Lash Vendors can buy real mink lashes and sell them to the final customer.

Because there are too many Bad Mink Lashes Cheap in the market, they are very cheap, but bad quality. Which can easily heart your skin and eye. And that would be so dangerous.

wholesale 3D mink lashes vendor and manufacturer (31)
wholesale 3D mink lashes vendor and manufacturer

In order to supply top grade real 100% mink lashes to the customer,

we decide to supply free luxury mink lashes samples to our customers to test the quality instead of

making money from our customers and cheating with them.


All we did, was we wanted to make the best Mink Lash Strip and supply the best service to our customers, and people will wear the real Wholesale Mink Eyelashes in the world.

3rd How to raise the sale ?

If you have already had a lashes business line, you should improve the sales of your market, and let more and more people choose your luxury mink lashes,

so if you supply bad mink lashes, your sales will fall down no matter how powerful your Ads are,

no matter how hard you try, you won’t succeed if you choose a bad Mink Lash Vendor.

Colored mink lashes
Colored mink lashes

So first, you should have a good mink lashes vendor in the market, and choose the latest lashes style in the market,

and if you have your eyelashes style, they can do custom eyelashes for you, so your lashes and lashes brand are unique in the market.

And everyone wants to order the unique lashes style in the market.

And more and more people would love to purchase premium quality lashes with top-grade quality.

4th Why choose Emma Lashes

Top grade luxury mink lashes

All the lashes are the best mink lashes in the market, and we know the market very well, so we can do the best mink lashes in the market.

wholesale lashes vendor emma lashes
wholesale lashes vendor Emma lashes

We have the best design team in the market, our new style mink lashes are all designed by our designer,

and when design lashes and make them with our soul, we never copy anyone in the market,

we just want to provide original art for our customers.

Strict QC

From the raw material to the end, our QC team tries our best to ensure each mink fur will be the best from the young mink,

we just choose the fluffy healthy mink fur from the young mink.

best natural mink lashes
best natural mink lashes

So each pair of our mink lashes are the best lashes in the market. And you won’t worry about the quality of our mink eyelashes.

Best Mink Lashes Service.

Anything you met in the market, you can tell us, and we will try our best to help you solve them.

lashes wholesale vender
DJ102lashes wholesale vender

Not every Mink Lash Vendor can do this, we just want to know the market very well, and make the perfect lashes and the most affordable lashes in the market. And we gather information to supply good service to the market.

5th The price of mink lashes .

We have 13-18mm Natural Mink Lashes, 20MM 3D Mink Lashes, and 25MM Mink Lashes 28mm Long Dramatic Mink Lashes.

Difference length and different style different quantity different price.

25MM 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor
25MM 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

If you choose 13-18mm that it cost 2-6 USD according to the style and quantity, and the retail price is 25 to 35 USD in the market.

If you choose 20mm 3D Mink Lashes, it will cost 4-7 USD according to style and quantity, and the retail price is 40-45 USD.

If you choose 25mm 3D mink lashes, it will cost 5-8 USD according to the style and quantity, and the retail price is 45 to 55 USD.

If you choose 28mm 3d mink lashes, it will cost 8-10 USD according to style and quantity, and the retail price is 55-65 USD.

So if you cooperate with us, you will get too much profit from the business, more cooperation please contact us.

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