why choose mink individual lashes

Why choose Mink individual lashes?

Mink Individual Lashes is a special Lash Extension in the market, if you do not want to spend to much time and energy in Lash Bar,

you may choose Individual Lashes, and if you want to buy the Best Individual Lashes, never miss mink individual lashes.

DIY Cluster lashes vendor
DIY Cluster lashes vendor

What are mink individual lashes?

As you know, Mink individual lashes is also called Cluster Mink Lashes, girls can easily apply on the individual lashes by themselves.

Mink individual lashes is different to the strip mink lashes and traditional lash extensions.

Girls can easily apply on them at home easily.

Beside, they are much cheaper than the lash extension, so if you have your Lash Business,

and want to promote your lash business, you can try these lashes.

How much are mink individual lashes cost?

Well, it depends on the rows and how many furs each cluster you ordered. Usually the individual mink lashes cost from 2 USD to 4 USD each box, if you make bulk orders,

that will be much cheaper. Besides, if you order custom lash packaging together, you will absolutely get a good cheap wholesale price.

If you want to get the exact cheap wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp,

we will give you a good exact cheap wholesale price according to your exact order.

How long do mink individual lashes last?

If you do lash extension in the lash bar, and choose the best lash glue, that will last 15 to 20 days,

and you have to refill the fur each week, because of the natural lashes falls down.

So if you apply with individual with the best lash glue, they can last more than 10 days,

and when the individual mink lashes fall down with your natural lashes, you can refill the fur at any time by yourself.

So that would be convenient and Actionable for the customers.

This is why more and more girls would love to choose the individual mink fur eyelashes.

How to apply individual mink lashes?

First, take the cluster fur from the tray with your tweezers.

Second, picking up each individual lashes duplicate it glue and placing them against your natural lashes.

Take each individual lashes underneath the natural lash.

Third, make sure the bottom of the individual to be in a line, and make a perfect angel and out-looking.

Who do individual mink lashes near me?

There are too many lashes distributor and lashes supplier on the Internet, you can easily find the Lashes Vendor on Google.

If you want to buy individual mink lashes, you should find a Lashes Factory such as Emma Lashes,

who can supply the best individual lashes at a good cheap wholesale price.

If you want to buy Mink Individual Lashes Near Me for personal use. You can buy from Yelp or Etsy.

Emma Lash Factory
Emma Lash Factory

Where to buy individual mink lashes?

If you want to buy Wholesale Individual Mink Lashes, you may choose Emma Lashes,

we supply the Best Individual Mink Lashes to you to attract more and more customers.

Make sure to choose the China Lashes Factory, who supply the best quality to you, and your lashes business will be bigger and bigger.

Emma Lashes Factory systerm
Emma Lashes Factory Systerm

How many style mink individual lashes in the market?

When you order the individual mink lashes from your Lash Vendors, they will send many parameters and data to you for your reference.
Such as length, curl, material, color and diameter of the fur, and how many furs in one cluster,

such as if you choose 3 furs each cluster, that will be 3D individual cluster lashes.

Divided by the number of furs in each cluster:

We can divided to 3D Mink Individual Lashes 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D and 10D.

Divided by the length of the eyelashes:

We can divided them to Natural Individual Mink Lashes, Dramatic individual mink lashes, and 25mm Individual mink lashes.

If you want to order the custom individual lashes you can tell the exact length and curl to your lashes vendor,

they will do exactly according to your order.

individual mink lashes
Mink Individual Lashes

Divided by the thickness of the fur:

The thickness of the mink fur varies from 0.03 to 0.18, you can choose any thickness of the material.

More issues about the individual mink lashes please feel free contact us by WhatsApp and leave comments below,

we will answer back one by one with patience.

If you want to buy the real cheap wholesale individual mink lashes, never miss Emma Lashes.

We supply free sample for you test the quality first, if you want to get the free sample, contact us now!

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