Where to buy Lashes Mink ?

As one of the best famous Lashes Vendor, Emma Lashes design and produce the best luxury Lashes Mink to the market, we supply all kinds of mink lashes, such as 20mm mink lashes, 25mm lashes mink ,natural lashes and dramatic lashes.

All the luxury lashes are in stock, we ship your lashes orders within 24Hours.

lashes mink
lashes mink wholesale

If you want to buy Cheap wholesale Lashes Mink, please let me know, will give you a good cheap wholesale price.

How much does lashes mink cost?

well, it depends on the style you order, and those are regular price for you reference, and if you want to know the exact wholesale price, you can check your lashes style and quantity, so that your lashes vendor will give you an exact wholesale price.

Besides, if you order lashes packaging, you will get a cheaper wholesale price, the more the cheaper.

Natural Lashes mink
Natural Lashes

So if you order [25MM 3D Mink Lashes], that will cost from 2 USD to 8 USD according to your style and quantity. Usually it cost 3 USD to 5 USD each pair, and if someone tell you they sold 25mm mink lashes with only 1 USD or lower than 2 USD, than maybe made by low material and that would not be the real mink fur.

And if you order 20mm lashes, that will cost 2 USD to 4 USD according to your style and quantity. Of course, the more the cheaper.

If you want to make bulk order, please contact us by WhatsApp, we will give you an exact wholesale price within 5 minutes.

Natural mink lashes is much cheaper than the other lashes, and the real mink fur lashes cost from 1.66 USD to 3.66 USD according to your style and quantity.

mink lashes
mink lashes

Why more and more girls love 3D Mink Lashes

3D Mink Lashes is more and more popular from 2018, and today we will show some key point why girls love the 3D Mink Lashes.

First, 3D mink lashes are made of real mink fur, which is vivid, gorgeous.

Second, more than one thousand style to choose.

You can even choose one style in one day.

Third, easy to apply.

You can apply the lashes by yourself at home.

Fourth, Low cost.

The price is much lower than the lash extensions, and if you do lash extensions, you should spend two hours at least.

25mm lashes
25mm lashes

How to apply lashes mink?

Measure the size of lash band by gently positioning them on your eyelid as well as cutting off excess from the external part.

If they are as well long, they will certainly produce a droopy eyelid look, so make sure that your length is perfect and also comfortable for you.

As soon as your lashes are gauged and reduced to your taste, offer your lashes a little bend so that they fit the form of your eye better. Our eyelashes have actually currently been pre-curled so there is no requirement to crinkle them.

Use the adhesive in a thin layer and provide it around 30-40 secs to dry.

This is the most integral part. Really, allow the adhesive completely dry effectively!

Apply a layer of mascara by yourself lashes and also line your top cover with a black liner.

This will certainly guarantee smooth shift from your lid to the lash bend.

Take a set of tweezers as well as hold a strip of eyelashes in the middle of the bend.

Look a little down, your mirror should be low. Carefully put a strip of lashes with tweezers onto the center of your cover.

Wait, take a breath and after that continue with securing both sides to your eye.

Allow adhesive to dry just a little bit extra and then carefully press with tweezers your all-natural eyelashes along with your minks.

Doing this will make certain that no person will ever before recognize you are using fake lashes.

Don’t forget to place some mascara on your lower lashes to stabilize off the look.

Go outdoors as well as appreciate the praises and looks!

wholesale lashes mink
wholesale lashes

How to remove mink lashes?

1 For simple removal use water or oil-free make-up cleaner on a cotton bud as well as dab it along the lash band.

With the lash adhesive loosened, the mink eyelashes should now be reasonably easy to peel.

Take the edge of the lash band and also delicately carry out the lash strip.

Bear in mind not to pull the mink hairs to avoid duping the private mink eyelashes.

Usage tweezers to carefully get rid of any kind of huge glue stays from the back as well as front sides of the lash band.

Utilize your fingernail to carefully remove smaller items of adhesive from the lash band.

Optional: Use a cotton bud with either water to very carefully wash the lash band.

By utilizing a damp cotton swab wet water to clean this will certainly prevent any type of water from jumping on the mink eyelash pointers and also preserve its curls.

Place the mink eyelashes back into its initial situation and also box to maintain its shape and also longevity.

Keep package near to avoid any type of germs as well as dirt from picking the mink lashes.

Optional: To give your lashes a lot more curls, we advise using our Eyelash Curling iron to crinkle your lashes before placing them back into its initial situation as well as box or prior to applying them on your eyelids.

This procedure will certainly not ruin your lashes since they are made with genuine mink fur.

mink lashes 25mm
mink lashes 25mm

How to clean mink lashes?

To cleanse your lashes, lay them level on a paper towel and use a q-tip with a little cozy water and gently roll it over your lashes. Please stay clear of soaking your mink lashes in water. Getting the lashes damp will harm the shapes and swirls of your lashes. We suggest to not utilize mascara, specifically water resistant mascara.

You can also put your mink lashes into lashes washer, and some lashes shampoo, and then dry it with a dryer.

How long do mink lashes last?

Usually the mink lashes is permanent long lasting if you use them with a gentle way, our luxury lashes can use more than 25 times.

So the cost of each time is too much lower than the bad lashes, this is why we said, the bad lashes is much expensive than the luxury one.

What are the best mink lashes?

The best mink lashes should have three basic feathers:

First, best raw material.

This is the basic thing that a good mink lashes should have, only the best part of the mink fur could be used to produce the best mink lashes.

Second, Best craft.

As you know, we use the physical process instead of the chemical process, so that we could do the heathy sterile lashes.

But some other Lashes Factory would choose the chemical liquid to make the 3D effect, if you smell, you could smell some chemical taste. That is bad for you eye skin.

design new lashes
design new lashes

Third, Popular style.

All the lashes are designed by our Lashes designer, and all tested by the market.

You should choose the popular style lashes, so that you can sold them out easily.

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