How To Start Your Mink Lashes Business Line?

Many girls said they love the mink lashes beauty business, but they are stopped by the MOQ(minimum of quantity), and today we will show you How To Start Your Mink Lashes Business Line with little money.

many other suppliers said you have to begin with 100 or 200 pairs, which is close the door to our customers who really love the Mink Lashes business.

But Emma lashes have no MOQ, we respect our customers and we are glad our customers use the Best Lashes in the world, so if you want to start your mink lashes business just let us know, we are the Best Lashes Manufacturer in China lashes industry, and we support each girls dream.

Can I begin my lashes with 50 $?

Yes! honey, just do it!

We will give you great support on lashes and Custom Lashes Packaging, other suppliers’ box MOQ is 100psc, but for us, just 30!yes!just 30psc!

And if you just have no logo, just tell us your idea about your logo, our designer will design a Lash Logo for you just FOR FREE! yep, just free! because we have our own designers and they are very happy to help the girls who really love our lashes, they treat our lashes as their baby with their time and energy.

if you want to put your logo on the label and put your label on your inner plat, that would be no MOQ!YEP, THAT WOULD BE NO MOQ!

As the biggest Wholesale 3D Mink Luxury Manufacturer and 3D Mink Eyelashes Vendor, Emma Lashes hope each girl own their beauty business line, all of our lashes are the latest

they are not only lashes but also artwork because we have skilled workers who have many years of experience, only the girls who really love them and have a good taste worth the wearing.

Here are our latest lashes , which one do you love ?

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  1. Hi! I’m looking to start my own eye lash business. I don’t have a logo but I definitely have a design in mind. I would like to know how to purchase and to get help on my packaging design

  2. Hello I would like to start my own lash business. Can someone send me the catalog? I would like some samples.

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