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How To Choose Your Shipping Way?

One of my best friend who come from UK have order our Lashes Boxes with Custom Packaging Box, and she ordered lashes box and hair boxes from our factory , when we talk about price , she was excited , so cheap and so good?

Yes , that’s right , because we provide competitive factory wholesale price, so you if you want to do your lashes custom packaging box , you can contact of our salesman.

So the luxury lashes how to choose your shipping way?

Usually , you may have three ways to ship your parcel.

The first fast and efficient express ,such as DHL UPS TNT FedEx.

But how to calculate the shipping cost?


Well, in fact the shipping cost depends on the volume and weight , and we will choose the bigger data to calculate the exact shipping cost. For example , if your parcel is 3KG, and the volume is 20000 cubic centimeter, and your volume weight is 20000/5000 =4 KG, so your cost should based on the 4 KG to calculate the shipping cost .

So because your 3D MINK LASHES and Lashes Boxes are much light so usually the express company calculate the shipping cost according to the volume of the box.

So if your parcel is much bigger than normal , you may find an agent who have big discount for you to ship your Mink Wholesale Lashes and Eyelash Packaging Custom, so we will ship the goods to your agent and them your agent ship the parcel to you .

But which one is cheaper between Emma Lashes and Agent?

And today we did an experiment. We take five boxes boxes to my customer’s assistant who is in China ,and the agent price is more expensive than our express count. Why?

Because the more parcels you send by your express company the lower discount you will get from your express company. So we will ship 10 to 30 parcels to the world and we got the big discount from express which is much cheaper than the agent.

How your agent get profits?


To earn money on the spread ,and we use the same express ways and company .But we do have no profits from the shipping cost ,and all the money we will pay for the express company but the agent don’t do that , the agent will add his profits to earn money , but we didn’t , we just have no profits from your shipping cost ,all the profits from the lashes and boxes.

so not every company can get the big discount , so you have to compare with your agent , maybe your agent price is much cheaper.

So if possible , calculate the volume and weight together to calculate the exact shipping cost.

More details welcome contact us whatsapp:008615589878355.

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