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Where to buy colorful full strip lashes?

We launched a 2019 new style Colorful Full Strip Lashes, which is very charming and gorgeous, when you put them on your eyes, you will feel the magic of these Colourful Lashes, they are unique and just like a rainbow in your eye. If you want to show your personality you can try them.


colorful eyelash
colorful eyelash


This Colorful Lashes creativity comes from Paris, every color means different passion and personality

Emma Lashes as the best LASH VENDOR in China , we have our own science and technology r&d team , to make sure our lashes are fashionable and healthy to apply them on.

Whats more , we take beauty elements from all the world and incorporate them into our eyelash design and production. To make sure our Lashes will be loved by the world .

colorful lash
colorful lash

Our 25 MM Mink Lashes are very popular in USA, when we push on the market .

All the 25MM Lashes are in short supply ,girls are very love them and they would like to share our Luxury Mink Eyelash to their friend,to make Bulk Eyelash Order and get lower wholesale price.

colorful lashes

And now our Colorful Eyelashes are very popular in Paris , people love them very much , and girls are all love them .

So if you want to start your eyelash business line you can begin with these colorful strip lashes , which is much cheaper than Mink Eyelash and we use new technique and the brand is very soft with natural eye line shape and they are very easy to apply.

colourful lash
colourful lash

All the colorful eyelash are fluffy and with 6D effect , easy to wear ,cheap wholesale price , 2019 new fashionable Eyelashes, so never miss them!

Meet yourself ,meet your personality!


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