How To Make A Professional Eyelash Custom Packaging Box?

How to make your custom eyelash packaging?
Today will tell you step by step.

Do you have your own logo?


Have you already to build your lashes brand?

OK, let’s begin the basic and important part, and this post will show you how to make a professional eyelashes custom packaging box.

First ,put your logo on the face of the box.

Be careful ,no too big or too small .let people see and know your brand name with proper position .

Less is more . Don’t add too much information on the logo page. Just let people know and remember  your brand name within 1.5 second. If you put more information it will distract customers’ attention and affect brand communication effect.

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Second, write down your slogan or tagline on the inner box when people open the box ,the client will see your message again.

Your slogan should match your brand name. So the customer will remember your brand again. Your slogan should be interesting, sensual, and easy to spread.

Third ,choose the color.

The color of the box should match your logo’s main color.


 If your logo is blue, and you’d better choose the blue box that would match the logo very well, and blue is a dark color, and your brand name could be white,

which can easily be seen by people. what’s more ,that will seem more professional .

Fourth, add your detailed information at the bottom of the box.

Customer can easily find you by your contact information. And once your lashes will send to the others as a gift. And more and more people will remember your brand .

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  1. I would love to start my own lash line but I need some help as I’m completely new to this, could you drop me a message and help my dream come true xx

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  2. Hiya I’m looking to set up a lash brand and selling lashes would you able to help and contact me on how I would able to do it and how much everything is please it will really help me out x

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