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Why We Don’t Produce Bad Lashes?

3d-mink-lashes-manufacturer-emma-lashes-wholesale-vendors-focus on luxury 3d mink hair strip eyelash provide free sample and beauty supply.

Hi,guys, this is the production manager Oscar from Emma Lashes, and today I will lead you guys to visit our Lashes Factory and tell you the truth: why we don’t produce bad lashes?

how to start your lashes business line and build your lashes brand

We have two factories in Qingdao, one is a lashes factory and another one is our custom packaging factory. If you always follow our posts, you have already know how to make 3d mink lashes and how to make custom packaging boxes.

7D Lashes
7D Lashes

And today, we discuss why we don’t produce bad lashes?

 As time goes on, more and more people are willing to buy top-grade products which are safe and reliable. they will buy luxury 3d mink lashes at a reasonable price. And never use bad lashes.

wholesale mink lashes
wholesale mink lashes

But there are still many distributors who order bad cheap lashes, why?

They import the lashes at a low price and sell them out at a normal price. And there are some profits but you will lose the customer when she uses the better lashes.

Once people use luxury 3d mink lashes, they won’t use the bad ones.

The bad lashes are cheap and of low quality with some chemical taste. And they are not as comfortable as the top-grade 3d mink lashes.

short lashes CH16
short lashes CH16

The one who uses bad lashes will lose regular customers in the long run.

Once you miss the customer, you will miss honesty. People will never do business with you.

So that would be a huge damage for you.

And more and more girls find us and choose our lashes, we focus on top-grade 3D Mink Lashes Individual and 3D Mink Lashes Business.

The second reason is that more and more distributors ask for luxury lashes, and they can hold them out in a short time.

mink eyelash manufacturer China emma lashes feedback
Emma Lashes Feedback

So they love to cooperate with us because of quality.

Our lashes are soft and fluffy, the material mink fur is much more expensive the ordinary ones.

And we can provide you the best service, if you want to create your own 3d mink lashes, just tell me your idea or give me your drawings, we can design and produce for you, so your lashes will be unique in your market.

Luxury Lashes

And you will make more profits than the bad lashes.

And worm welcomes to visit our factory and we can teach you How To Make 3D Mink Lashes.

For more detail just feel free to contact us Whatsapp 008613465813039

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