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Four Tips Help You To Distinguish The 3D Mink Lashes


When you receive a 3D Mink Lashes sample , the first thing you should do is to distinguish it ,especially you receive many samples from many 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale Vendors.

And you should market it with label and separate them with correct style name and Lashes Vendor name.

OK let’s begin to check details of the Mink Lashes with four step. We called observe, smell ,ask, and feel , which comes from the traditional Chinese medical culture.

The first way is observation. You should observe three part of the Mink Eyelash.

colorful eyelash

The first part is the top of the mink hair, the Luxury Eyelash’s mink fur is sharpen and the bad one is broken.

Because the Lashes Vendor use different raw material. Different raw material different cost with different wholesale price. If you buy Lashes much higher than Emma Lashes,you should check the Eyelash Vendor and the quality of your Eyelash.

The second part is to check the band of the 3D Mink Eyelash from your Eyelash Vendor. Usually the band is made of cotton which is very soft and delicate. And you should also check the shape of the band, because the curl of the band effects comfortable of the eyelash.

The second tip is to smell the eyelash and if you smell some chemical taste, the lashes is shaped with chemical liquid which is harmful to your eyes.

The third tip is to ask your vendor about the details of the Mink Lash, more details about the question PLS add whatsapp008613465813039. And you will get your answer.

The forth tip is too feel the lashes with your finger, if the lashes if soft with a fluffy appearance, that would be a luxury one. If the band is hard and the surface is rough , that would be a bad one or ordinary one.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(1)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(1)

Also , you should check the style appearance with a fashionable looks, and girl will love your lashes with the first look. And then test the quality of your Mink Eyelashes, and the your Lashes Box with custom Style is also important to your market. If you make a professional custom packaging box that will promote your 3D Mink Lashes Business and build your own brand.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(18)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(18)

And if you want to know how to design a professional eyelash box welcome add whatsapp008613465813039 to design your professional Eyelash Packaging.

And if you want to build your own lashes brand you can also contact us , we will help you build your lashes brand.

More details welcome contact us whatsapp008613465813039.

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