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who designs free Eyelash Packaging for you?

Eyelash packaging is very important to your lashes business, and today we will break down all the issues about the eyelash packaging, believe your will get the helpful information you want and make a good purchase.

First, what is eyelash packaging?

The eyelash packaging is the box can fit with the lashes. It will protect the lashes and will make a professional appearance to promote your lashes business line.

There are too many Eyelash Packaging Factory in the market, and you can produce your own eyelash box from these Eyelash Package factories at competitive wholesale price.

You should make the design work first before the production. And if you don’t have a designer you may ask for a skilled designer to design for you. And if you cooperate with us our professional designer can design free for, and if you need help, you can contact with whatsapp8619953275649. and send you information and idea to us, and will update the design sketch to you.

If you want us to produce for you, we will make the custom eyelash packaging box for you at a low wholesale price. And if you order lashes together, will give you a budget.

telephone eyelash drawer packaging
telephone eyelash drawer packaging

Second, what is the material of the custom eyelash packaging box?

There are too many materials in the market, and today will introduce some main and cheap material for you.

1st Cardboard lash packaging.

This is the main material eyelash boxes in the market, most people would love to choose this kind of boxes.

Not only because this material is good but also cheap.

You can choose any color you love, and the lashes boxes factory will design for you and produce for you.

What’s more, the shipping cost will be much cheaper than the plastic ones and acrylic cases. Because the weight is much lighter than the other two boxes.
So you should not only choose the box by the cost, and you should also add the shipping cost to check the cost of your business.

square drawer us dollar eyelash packaging
Money eyelash Packaging

2nd Paper card lash packaging

paper card eyelash packaging is the cheapest lashes box in the market, but that should have any MOQ limit, and the more the cheaper.

If you do cheap lashes, you can use this box, because this kind of box can’t add value to the product.

And just to make the lashes more safe and beautiful. But you can reduce the cost of your business line and promote sales.

clear eyelash case with yellow butterfly
Acrylic eyelash packaging

So it depends on your decision and choice.

A good and professional decision is very important to your business line, it can not only promote your business but also save your money, and get more profits.

Anything about the lashes and custom eyelash packaging just feels free to let us know on WhatsApp, we will help you make a good decision.

3rd Plastic eyelash packaging wholesale

The plastic packaging box is made of plastic, this packaging box is a little cheaper than the cardboard box and easy to destroy, so you should choose a safe shipping way.

Otherwise, your boxes can easily be damaged by the express.

But we have a safe way to solve these issues. Most customers receive them in safe ways.

pink pill eyelash case
Pill Bottle eyelash packaging

4th Acrylic Eyelash Packaging

Acrylic boxes are much better and harder than plastic boxes, and can not be damaged easily.
That style box is a clear plastic box so that the customers can easily see the whole structure of the lashes, which will promote sales.

So that many Lashes Vendor would like to choose clear acrylic boxes, besides, this box is similar to the crystal box, seems very luxurious and gorgeous.
Girls love them very much. And if you want to buy them now, you can add whatsapp8613465813039 to get the cheap wholesale price now.

5th Metal eyelash cases

Those are the main fifth material lashes boxes in the market. Different materials different costs,

and if you want to make the best choice, you can add whatsapp8613465813039, we have promotions now, and you can get the best wholesale price now.
Besides, you can also do custom eyelash packaging, and any color any pattern we can print on the box, and that will too much more beautiful and professional.

wholesale cute pink eyelash box with holographic circle and bow
wholesale cute pink eyelash box with holographic circle and bow

Third, where to find the eyelash box?

The best way to find the eyelash boxes is that you can ask your lashes vendor for help. so you can order the lashes boxes together, why?

First, they can add lashes into the box for you.

Otherwise, you have to add the lashes by yourself, and if you order them separately, you have to do this by yourself.

If you make bulk orders, that will cost too much time and energy for you.

As you know, time is money, if you order the eyelash box together with your lashes, that will save money.

Second, save shipping costs.

if you ship the lashes and custom packaging box together, that will save your shipping cost.

Usually, your lashes vendor will put the lashes into the box for you, and that will save volume so that the shipping cost will be cheaper than the ship them with a different vendor.

drawer eyelash packaging
Mink Lashes Packaging

Fourth, who provides Custom Lash Packaging?

There are two kinds of eyelash packaging suppliers in the market:

First, the Wholesale custom eyelash packaging box factory.

If you make bulk orders, you can find the eyelash packaging factory, and they will produce for you at a competitive wholesale price.

Second, Lashes Factory.

Your lashes vendor can do an eyelash packaging box for you, and then just focus on lashes and lashes packaging.

You can order them with your lashes together, and there will be a budget if you order the box, and they can fit the lashes into the box for you.

Especially when you make bulk orders, you should order them together. But one more thing, if your box is large volume honey, you do should consider the shipping cost,

and in some boxes, you can’t add lashes into the box to the same shipping cost.

pink eyelash packaging box
Cute Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Fifth, which style of custom eyelash packaging in the USA is the most popular in the market?

As the Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors, there are main two kinds of lashes in the market.

First, custom eyelash packaging box.

We have no idea about this kind of lashes box, different customer different idea, and we all do these boxes according to our customer.

Second, general eyelash packaging without logo.

We have too many lashes boxes and cases in stock in order to save time to ship the lashes and boxes to our customer.

As you know, if you do a custom eyelash packaging box, that will need 7-10 business days to print and fix the boxes.

And that will take so long, some customer would like to ship the parcel immediately.

So they would like to meet the market in a short time, to catch the opportunity of the market.
Another reason is that the general eyelash packaging box is much cheaper than custom eyelash packaging.

we do have some popular style eyelash packaging boxes in stock, such as US Dollar boxes, Eyelash Suitcase, Pill eyelash cases, and ice cream boxes, and so on.

If you want the best mink lashes packaging box list, contact us, whatsapp8619953275649. will send all you need to you if you cooperate with us.

Sixth, How to design a professional Lashbox?

Four steps help you make a professional Cute Eyelash Packaging :

1st Make a Lashes Logo

Make sure to use your lashes logo and brand name on the first side of your box, and that will seems so professional.

2nd Choose Unique eyelash packaging from the catalog you want.

You may see too many lashes boxes styles from the lashes box catalog, choose one you like, and tell your lashes vendor, and they will design for you.

3rd Make sure to use the color of your logo.

Your box should match the color of your logo instead of what you like.

4th Add your slogan

If you have the slogan, add your slogan in order to let your customers remember you and your business line.

Wholesale marble eyelash packaging
Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors

Seventh, How much does it cost to do custom eyelash packaging wholesale?

Well, it depends, different materials, different crafts, and different quantities different prices.

And if you find a professional lashes vendor, she will check for you right now, and you will get the wholesale price immediately.

And you should tell your custom the quantity first, and then they will check for you.

Of course, the more the cheaper.

And for the Custom Eyelash Packaging, every lashes vendor has MOQ, so you should know this,

and let your lashes supplier know your budget, so they will calculate for you first.

So if you just order boxes that will be a little expensive but if you order lashes together, there will be a budget,

so you should know this, and ask for a budget if you make a perfect order and will save more money.

drawwer eyelash packaging box from Emma Lashes
Drawer eyelash packaging box from Emma Lashes

For more information about the price, you can add whatsapp8615589878355 to get the

whole price list.

And will show you the Lashes Packaging Vendor List to you.

Eighth, How long will it take to produce the Unique eyelash packaging?

If you order general eyelash packaging in stock, your lashes can ship your lashes and packaging box within 24 Hours, which is the most efficient way.

And this is why more and more people would love to choose general boxes in stock, easy and efficient.

And if you do custom eyelash packaging boxes, that will need 7-10 business days. Although a little longer than the general boxes,

but if you want to build your lashes brand, you should build your lashes brand with custom eyelash packaging.

A good eyelash brand is the best salesman in the market.

Also, your brand can add value to your 3D mink lashes business, and more and more people would like to buy famous brand products.
This is the difference between the custom eyelash packaging and the general box. For more information about the eyelash packaging, you can add whatsapp8619953275649.

Ninth, The importance of the eyelash packaging box.

The lash box is very important to your 3D mink lashes business, and we have said the key point of the importance.

First, protect your mink lashes from damage.

This is the basic function of the lash box. And if you don’t order a lashes boxes, the lashes vendor will supply free clear eyelash packaging boxes for you to protect the eyelashes.

Second, make the product more beautiful, and attract the customer.

Most girls buy your lashes just because your packaging is beautiful and cute.

Third, build your lashes brand, and spread your brand value.

You can do your brand name and logo on the box, which helps you build your lashes brand, and this is the basic work you should do if you want to build your lashes brand.

Fourth, advertisement.

You can put your information such as your telephone number and social media on the box, and people will remember your lashes brand and will contact you again. To some extent,

if they send it to their friend as a gift, her friend will contact you if they love the lashes and lash box.

Fifth, promotion.

The lashes box can promote your 3D mink lashes business. Most people would like to buy lashes with lash boxes,

so more and more people pay too much time and energy to design the lash box, most customers would like to buy the lashes with a brand. They are safe and of good quality.

If you want to do a custom lash box, you can just feel free to contact us at whatsapp8619953275649, we will design it free for you, and if you want to do a professional and beautiful lash box now, let me know, we will help you!

For more information and cooperation, please feel free to contact us.

Tenth, Which Eyelash Packaging box do you want to buy?

First, Lollipop Eyelash Packaging

Lollipop eyelash packaging, most girls want to buy this kind of eyelash packaging, because they are cute, and small, with too many colors to choose.
Besides, they are much cheaper than the custom ones.

Second, Glitter Eyelash Packaging

Glitter eyelash packaging is the most popular in the market, they are shinny and bling when they meet the light.

There are too many colors in the market for you to choose from, and many shapes in the market,

most of the glitter eyelash packaging are all in stock so that you can order them at a cheaper wholesale price, and your Mink Lashes Vendor can ship them within 24Hours.

so you can receive them in a short time, and receive your mink lashes.

Third, Candy Eyelash Packaging

Candy eyelash packaging is another cute eyelash packaging ideas, they just like candy from the shape, so girls love the sweet candy eyelash packaging.

the material is plastic, and they are cheaper than the custom eyelash packaging, and all in stock too, so you can order them immediately, and ship them to you ASAP.

Fourth, Eyelash Suitcase Packaging

Eyelash suitcase packaging is the meaning of when you are on lashes, travel now.

most girls love to travel, so if you use eyelash suitcase packaging, they will help you promote your sales.

Besides, eyelash suitcase packaging is much bigger than the ordinary ones, and they can fit in two pairs of mink lashes.

Fifth, Money Eyelash Packaging

money eyelash packaging is a very popular one, they are all USD money pattern on the surface of the packaging, looks like the branch of Dollar.

when people buy the mink lashes, just like to buy the USA Dollar. so this packaging will promote the sales too.

At the same time, you can change any color you like, and if you want to buy the cheap money eyelash packaging, you can buy them in stock.

so that you can receive your lashes in a short time. And don’t worry the production takes a long time.

Sixth, Pill bottle eyelash packaging

The eyelash Pill bottle eyelash packaging is made of plastic, as the same material as the real pill bottle, and you can choose any color from the catalog

which means, lashes just like the pill, can help you solve your problem, and make you happy.

we can also do the custom pill bottle eyelash packaging for you, and we can produce a private label for you, and then put on the sticker on the pill bottle,

that looks beautiful and professional.

Seventh, Diamond Shap lashes packaging

This is a special eyelash packaging, just like a diamond, so we have a diamond shape tray to put on the mink lashes.

Eighth, Eyelashes Packaging Bags

we have too many eyelash packaging bags in stock, they are colorful, amazing bags, so you are easy to put your mink lashes into the eyelash packaging bags,

and you don’t worry about the packaging anymore, the eyelash packaging bag can protect your lashes very well.

But the eyelash packaging Bags are soft, just like shopping bags.

More Mink Eyelash Packaging welcomes to contact us, we will design free for you.

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