Cluster lashes factory

Who supply cheap wholesale Cluster Lashes?

More and more girls would like to buy Cluster Lash to do DIY Lash Extension at home. And today, we will show you all the information about the Cluster Lashes. All you need is here, and if you want to buy Wholesale Cluster eyelashes, never miss Cluster Lashes Vendor Emma Lashes.

Cluster lashes factory
Cluster lashes factory

First , Why choose Cluster eyelashes?

So if you love Lash Extensions, you will love the cluster lash, there are main three reason why more and more girls would love to order cluster Lash.

Save time and money

As you know, if you want to do Lash Extensions, you have to the lash bar and take at least one hour and 100 USD to 200 USD. That will too expensive for the young ladies who want to make a professional eye makeup.

But if you choose the Cluster Lash, you can do the professional lash extensions at home with only 10 to 30 minutes with only 3-5 USD.

Easy to apply

They is the main reason I think why too many ladies would love to choose Cluster Lash. All you need is just a mirror and a tweezer.

So if you have no idea How to apply the cluster lash, keep on reading, and we will show you step by step.

And if you want to order cluster lash, please contact us via WhatsApp, we will give you a good wholesale price, and if you want to start your lash business, we can help you start step by step.

How to apply cluster lashes

Second, The material of the cluster Lash extensions

The main material in the market is Silk protein, a special material made by fiber. Which is soft and natural black, beside, you can also get a good wholesale price if you choose this material.

DIY Cluster Lashes
DIY Cluster Lashes

How many style cluster eyelashes in the market?

There are main four style cluster lash in the market:

A-shape cluster lash

Just because the shape of the cluster lash just like a Capital A, so we call these cluster eyelash A-Shape cluster eyelash.

Sandwich cluster eyelashes

These cluster lash just like sandwich, the middle fur is the longest and the other fur in the two side is shorter, just like sandwich, so that we called these cluster eyelashes.

Fishtail cluster lash

As the photo we show to you, the structure of the fishtail cluster eyelash is just like a tail of fish.

Fairy cluster eyelash

If you want to get more information and buy the Cluster eyelashes please add our WhatsApp, we will give you a good wholesale price.

Cluster Lashes
Cluster Lashes

How to apply cluster lash?

5 step help you apply on your cluster lash quickly.

First, Washing your hand and cleaning your tools

Second, shake your lashes glue and apply on the bottom of the cluster lash fur

Third, Pick up your cluster lash with your tweezers gently

Fourth, In front of the mirror, pull the upper eyelid up with a cotton swab

length of cluster eyelash
length of cluster eyelash

Then after the glue is in a transparent state, stick it along the root of the real eyelash, and then lift it up and down to make the glue increase the contact area and stick firmly.

Make sure do not touch water within 8 hours after the extensions are applied, makeup remover will dissolve the eyelash glue too.

Technology of the cluster eyelashes

The whole cluster eyelashes are fan-shaped by using heat fusion technology to fix the root, so we can also call the cluster eyelashes fan-shaped extensions.

Lifespan of cluster lash

Each pair of eyes can use about 20 dots, each box can be used 4 times

If you want to order the cluster eyelashes, we will supply you good quality and cheap wholesale price.

How many curvature of cluster lash in the market?

The most popular curl if C D curl in the market, if you want to do the custom one, you can contact your Cluster eyelashes Vendor, they will do the custom curl for you.

The length of the cluster eyelashes

cluster eyelashes
cluster eyelashes

There are so many length in the market, the popular length is from 8 mm to 14mm, if you want to do the custom length, you can ask your Lash Vendor for help.

More issues about your cluster lash please feel free contact us, we will help you make a good order.

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