How much do classic lash extensions cost

How much do classic lash extensions cost?

If you want to do Classic Eyelash Extensions, that will cost from $100 to $300, and you should go to lashes salon, and that will takes more than one hour.

But if you want to buy Lash Extensions, that will cost less.
If you have your own Lash Beauty Bar or salon, you should buy Classic Lash Extensions, most ladies would love to order classic lash extension to make a natural appearance.

And if you want to buy Wholesale Classic Lash Extension, never miss Lash Extension Vendor Emma Lashes, we supply all kinds of Classic Eyelash Extension, especially the Classic Lashes Extension.

Usually the classic lash extension cost from 2 USD to 4 USD per box, according to your order, if you want to make a perfect order now, you can contact us by WhatsApp, we will give you an exact wholesale price.

classic lash extensions
classic lash extensions

Where to buy classic lashes extensions?

There are so many Lash Extensions Classic Vendor in the market, if you want to buy competitive wholesale price, never miss China Lash Extension Vendors, 90% of the Lash Extensions comes from China.

If you want to buy the best classic eyelash extension, you may choose Emma Lashes, we supply all kinds of lashes such as classic lashes extension, strip lashes, cluster lashes, magnetic lashes, silk lashes, fiber lashes, mink lashes, and so on.

If you have your own Lashes Business, and want to choose a good wholesale Lash Vendors, never miss Emma Lashes.


How long do classic lash extensions last?

Usually it will last one month to two, but you should refill them after 15 days, because your natural real lashes will grow, and fall down, so you should refill them each two weeks.

So if you do lash extension business, you will have more benefits from the business.

Your should supply refill service to make a good customer service.

What is classic lash extensions?

The classic lashes need one of the most basic method in the lash extension, as well as this is the primary very first technique for lash musicians.

You only need to apply a single lash expansion to a solitary all-natural lash.

It is a lot more natural to develop the completely stunning lashes look using the classic lashes, if you intend to achieve the remarkable makeup appearance, you need to select the thicker as well as longer lash expansions.

I do suggest that you can begin with the classic lashes if you are the initial to attempt the lash extension. And then you can discover what lash styles can fit on you.


The hot style lash extensions in the market

First, Classic wispy lash extensions

Wispy classic lashes are done by combining individual lash expansions of different sizes. They look fluffy and downy and also offer length in addition to some quantity to your all-natural lashes. This style is a wonderful option for those who desire their traditional lashes to be much more visible.

Second, Classic natural lash extensions

we can also called the classic lash extension natural one,

Third, Classic hybrid lash extensions

Hybrid lashes are various from classic lashes, which can combine different lash set with each other to produce new lashes.

Hybrid lashes are constructed from volume fanning lashes, as well as solitary traditional lashes as well as hybrid lashes extension are really wonderful for those lash fans with sparse natural eyelashes.

Yes, you can mix both traditional lashes and quantity lashes with each other to get hybrid lashes, and also hybrid lashes can provide you a range of structures of false eyelashes, making your eye make-up be much more natural.

Fourth, Volume lash extensions

Compared to classic lashes, volume lashes set need an advanced lash strategy, you need to use a follower of several lash extension to a single natural lash.

As well as the lash extensions could be much thinner to make certain that you can get the light-weight lashes, and do not strain your genuine lashes. And also you need to understand something regarding the specs of the lash extension, fanning lash.

Routinely, you can make use of 2D to 15D lash expansions per all-natural lash to produce the quantity lash impact, and also you can select the typical range for your volume lash set. D means how many lash origins are to be applied per all-natural lash.

Quantity lashes can work well to develop an extra dramatic, fuller, as well as fluffier eyelash search for you, you can choose the quantity lash expansions if you choose a remarkable eye make-up look to all-natural eye make-up.

hybrid lash extensions
hybrid lash extensions

The effect classic lash extensions before and after

There are to much classic lash extensions before and after that you can check on Pinterest, Ins.

Besides, each eyes have different amount real natural lashes furs, so different eyes shape different effect.

You should test the effect, and they decide which classic lash extension is fit for you.

Classic lash extensions vs Hybrid

Classic lash extensions is consist of one false lash attached to one natural lash. Fullness depends on the amount of natural lashes.

Hybrid Lash Extensions are a combined set of classic and volume Lash extension, usually a 50-50 mix. The result is the definition of classic while gaining the fullness of volume.

Volume lash extensions are the fullest fan sets, ranging between 3-5 fake lashes to each natural lash creating maximized fullness.

Material of classic lash extensions

There are main four raw materials in the market, one is made by China, and two are made by Korea, and the last raw material is made by Germany, most of the raw material is made by China, which is both cheap and high quality, but some are made by Korea, those raw material is a little bit blue, soft, and if we do the curl that will be a perfect material.

All the raw material is made by special silk material, soft, matte black, light weight.

Thickness of classic lash extensions

There are usually six diameter material in the market, such as 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm, and 0.2mm.

You can choose any thickness classic lash extensions you love, and just tell your Classic Lash Vendors, they will do exactly with your request.

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