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Why Are Mink Eyelashes Better?

There are many kinds of lashes in the market, such as 3D Mink Lashes, Fiber Lashes, Plastic Lashes, Silk Lashes, kinds of lashes in the market, and why Mink 3D Eyelashes are better than the others?

Why Are Mink Eyelashes Better?

Well, that’s a good question, and you can also find a question that is the Mink Eyelashes are more expensive than the others.

So let’s begin to compare with the material. As you know, all the Mink Lashes 3D are made of mink fur which is fluffy, soft, natural, light, comfortable to wear.

When you put on the lashes, they are vivid and look very gorgeous, many girls love to buy them to make a gorgeous and vivid dramatic looking.


And all the mink fur is precious, when the ladies put the 3D Siberian Mink Eyelashes on, the charm of the woman will be on full display, that’s why more and more want to Start Their 3D Mink Lashes Business Line.

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so people don’t care about the money, what they care about is the quality.

They all want Luxury Lashes, and the lashes should safe, green, natural, gorgeous, and charming.

If you choose the other lashes, such as plastic lashes or fiber lashes, they are not as safe as the Mink Hair Luxury 3D Lashes,

sometimes you can smell some chemical taste, you can’t imagine the lashes you wear every day are chemical things, and your eye will be tired, and get hurt by these faux lashes.


So more and more people would like to choose 3d mink lashes to be the first lashes they use for daily makeup,

and if you take good care of these luxury lashes, they reuse about 25 times, and you will need 12 different styles of lashes in a year.


So you can buy them on Amazon, eBay, and you can also buy them from Emma Lashes because we provide wholesale price, factory competitive wholesale price, fasting express, 2-3business days to the USA, very fast and efficient for you to order lashes.

And 70% of the luxury 3d mink lashes wholesale vendors come from china, so you can also come to China to visit the factory if you want to start your lashes business.

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