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What do you do for Halloween?

Everyone can celebrate Halloween in their own unique way, but on the night of October 31 you may attend the following activities:

The first one is that Scary costume party, dress up in scary costumes or dress up as scary ghosts.

The second is that Carve a jack-o ‘-lantern and place it on your doorstep or windowsill to create a Halloween atmosphere.

Also you can make Halloween-themed food and snacks, and get creative with scary colors and shapes

Besides,with scary decorations, such as spiders, skulls, bats…To transform your home decor

Take your children out trick-or-treating and go door to door asking for candy.

You may also listen to others or tell yourself scary ghost stories or play scary games.

Which Halloween event do you prefer?

So before you attend the activity, you should prepare some stage property,such as pumpkin lamp, funny clothes, and if you attend a meeting you should have a special make up to celebrate this holiday.

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