What are silk lashes

What are silk lashes?

Most people would love to buy silk lash, because they are soft and cheap, but they do not know the real material of the Silk Lashes, and today will share more information about the silk eyelash.

Most people think that they are made by the real silk, comes from the cocoon of the silkworm, and they should be finer and more natural-looking than Plastic eyelash or Synthetic Lashes.

silk strip lashes
silk strip lashes

How many style silk lashes in the market?

There are main two style silk lashes in the market:

First, Silk strip lash

There are mainly three popular silk strip lash in the market, if your customer love silk strip they will love them:

First,3D silk lashes

3D Silk Lashes is very popular in the market, all the 3D silk lashes have perfect 3D effect, mix with your real lash fur very well.

Second, Natural silk lashes

Most girl love short natural silk lashes to make a natural eye makeup looking, the natural silk lash is from 8mm to 18mm length, if you love and want to buy cheap wholesale silk lashes, you can contact us by WhatsApp, we will send our lash catalog to you.

Third, Dramatic silk lashes

Dramatic silk lashes is longer than natural silk lash, usually 20mm to 25mm long, to make a long dramatic eye makeup.

Second, Silk lash extensions

Silk Lash extension is very popular if you love lash extension, they are both cheap and soft, no allergic reaction risk.

So that most girl would love to apply the lash extension with Silk Individual Lashes.

silk eyelash extensions
silk eyelash extensions

How much do silk lashes cost?

As you know, silk eyelash is too much cheaper than the mink eyelash and a little bit more expensive than plastic lash or synthetic eyelash.

If you buy silk strip eyelash, that will cost from 0.5 usd to2 usd each pair, if you buy bulk orders, the more the cheaper.

And if you buy silk lash extension, that will be 1.2 usd to 2.88 usd according to your order.

If you do your custom lash packaging and card, that will be a little more expensive that the normal packaging.

PROS and CONS of the silk lash extensions


First, No allergic reactions

The silk material belong to sterile materials, if you have allergic reactions with real mink fur, you can choose Silk Eyelash.

Can choose natural looking or dramatic style, depending on the thickness and curl you choose.

Holding the curl very well

Long-lasting when applied correctly

very versatile

You can choose different colors, matte and shiny finish, etc.


Some materials manufacturers will choose some unknow material and bad materials and mark them as the real silk lash.

silk lash extension
silk lash extension

Silk lashes VS Mink Lashes

If you have sensitive skin, maybe you can choose the silk lash, some people are allergic to mink eyelash.

And, the silk material is much soft than mink lashes, if you want to buy a comfortable lash, you may choose silk lashes.

Besides, the cost of the silk lash is much cheaper than mink lash, if you buy silk strip lash, you can even change different style each day!

Where to buy cheap wholesale silk lashes?

Silk lashes vendor Emma Lashes

we supply cheap wholesale silk eyelashes to many countries customer, we are one of the best silk Lashes Manufacturer in the market, focus on luxury eyelash for more than 10 years.

If you love luxury high-quality silk eyelash, you can contact us via WhatsApp, we will send you our catalog and free sample to you, no matter which Lashes Factory you choose, you should test the quality and sample first, and then test your market, you will have a right purchase.

More information about the silk eyelashes, please feel free contact us, we will try our best to help you, and if you want to buy cheap wholesale high-quality lashes, please let us know, we will send free lashes sample to you first, and then you can make Bulk Silk eyelaash order later.

I do believe you will love our luxury silk lash.

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