Why love mink lash extensions

Why more and more ladies love Mink Lash Extensions?

More and more girls would love to choose Mink Lash extensions to be there first choice when it comes to lash extension. And today, we will show more information to you, why girls love Mink fur lash extensions.

premade fan lashes
premade fan lashes

The material of Mink lashes extensions

As you know, we brushed the mink fur from the tail of young minks, so all the mink fur are cruelty-free, just like people fall down the hairs everyday, we collect them, and after the High temperature disinfection treatment, than will be safe and precious.

As you know, the young mink fur is typically velvety, rich and shiny. Beside, they can mimic the actual eyelash very well.

So this is the main reason why ladies love the Mink Lash Extensions very much.

individual lashes
individual lashes

The cost of Mink extension lashes

The cost of mink extension lashes is a little bit more expensive than the other material but a little bit cheaper than Fox Fur Lashes.

The price varies from 2.22 USD to 3.88 USD according to the rows and quantity. If you want to get a good wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp to get an exact wholesale price. The more the cheaper.

If you buy Silk Lash extension or synthetic plastic material that will be much cheaper, but it depends, those special material is much soft lightweight, so girls would love to chose them because they are sensitive to the mink furs.

cluster lashes
cluster lashes

Who do Mink eyelashes extensions near me

If you want to find a top-grade Mink Eyelash Extensions Vendor, never Miss Emma Lashes, we supply cheap wholesale mink eyelashes extensions, we cooperate with the worldwide express company, it will takes 3 to 5 business days.

If you want to open a lash extension salon at your home or run a lash shop, never miss Emma Lashes, will give you a good wholesale price.

We can do custom lash and packaging for you, any length, any curl, any material, any thickness will do.

Faux mink lash extensions

Faux mink lash extensions is made of plastic synthetic materials, and some Lash Vendors will mix with acrylic plastic with cat fur, sheep fur, and some other animals fur.

If your customers are sensitive to animals furs, you should buy the faux mink lashes materials which do not contain animal furs.

But if you met a bad lashes vendor, the faux mink lash extensions will be stiff and inflexible. The worse, will cause eye disease.

But they are the cheapest lash extensions in the market, most people would love affordable lash extension.

mink lash extensions
mink lash extensions

Where do mink lash extensions from?

Most of the mink lash extensions comes from China, China is the hometown of lashes, so if you want to buy high-quality lash extensions, Never miss China Lashes Vendor.

You can search keyword Lash Vendors on Google, Google will suggest too many lashes factory to you, so you can check one by one with lashes sample, some Wholesale Lashes manufacturers such as Emma Lashes will supply free sample to you to test the quality of lash extensions.

What is the Best mink lash extensions?

Raw material

The best mink lash extensions must be produced by the high-quality mink fur, we collected the young minks from the tail of minks, which is strong, fluffy, soft, vivid.

Hand made

All the best mink lash extensions are made by skilled workers by hands. But some lashes factory would use machine to finish them.

Long taper to tip eyelashes

No damage to the fiber tip knot-free, tip of hair is straight.

Silver foiled wallpaper no residue & can be reused

100% mink lash extensions

Some bad lashes factory will mix the mink fur with the other materials such as fiber, plastic synthetic material. That will save a lot, and you can easily identify them.

Mink lash extensions vendors

As one of the best mink lashes extension vendors and suppliers, Emma Lashes supply the best mink fur lash extension to you, if you want to test the quality, you can add our WhatsApp, we supply free sample for you to test the quality first, and then make bulk orders.

Where to buy mink eyelash extensions?

We can help you get your own brand product noticed. In todays ever changing retail markets shelf presence is critical. We can design a carton or label that is not only dynamic but will communicate your message in a clear and concise manner.

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