Is There A Better Way Than Drop Shipping?

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Many girls want begin with their Mink Lashes business with drop shipping, and they just sales the lashes with little money and don’t worry about the shipping cost and lashes cost ,and it is the easy way to Start Own Lashes Business Line .


Is that so easy to start? In fact ,there are some issues you have to solve before the drop shipping.

First ,if your customer just order one pair 3D Mink Lashes, and the shipping by express way need 25USD at least ,if you add the lashes cost ,that will the same with retail price,and lose price advantage.

So if you want to start drop shipping ,you have to avoid this issue.

It is wise to make more than one pair if you make an order to the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors, you can begin with 5 or even 10 pairs per order,and the shipping cost will be the same with one pair,so you can earn more.

And there is a better way than drop shipping, and do you want to do ?

So let’s start.

You can ask the Lashes Vendor to provide high quality pictures to you ,you can post on you SNS and website,once customer make an order,and you make your order to you Mink Lashes Vendors at one time ,and you can save you shipping cost and in the other word,you can get the lashes with no shipping cost.

So ,is that clear to start your lashes business?

If you want to get more tips about your Lashes and Custom Packaging just feel free contact us by WhatSApp.

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