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How To Start A Lash Business Line With Your Custom Packaging Box And Private Label?


Today ,we would like to help you to Build Your Own Brand by your custom box and private label.

And guide you to deal the details to design your custom packaging.

So if you have your budget you can be success too in a right way.

If your budget is 200 usd ,you can produce your own custom packaging,and that would cost you 125 USD

and you will get 50 PSC custom packaging boxes ,and the rest you can buy lashes.

If you budget is limited ,and you can order your lashes first and then choose the free box with logo sticker and you can do your private label on your sticker and your logo will be shown on the inner box .

So ,how to design your custom packaging and private label?

First ,you should put your logo one the surface of the box ,and let the people know and see it ,and you can put your slogan on the inner surface,and when people open it,they can see them easily.

And you should put your email of IG,on the back of the box,just let the customer know how to find you and make the second deal.

Second,you should choose the color of the box according to your logo color

the color should match your logo very well and that would seems more professional and reliable.

Thirdly ,you should be care of your label shape,different label different shape

only in this way your custom label will seems beautiful and professional.

Fourthly, you should be careful of the material of your custom packaging box,

Different material makes different sense, and different material different weight,so you should care about your shipping cost.

Fifth,shipping should choose the right shipping way according to your budget,if you have enough money and your customer have already pay for you ,you should choose express ,and that would be 3 days before you receive your parcel.

If you have already known this issue ,congratulations,and you can just choose your Luxury Lashes and just begin.

mink eyelash factory
mink eyelash factory

If you have more questions just feel free to contact me ,my whatsapp is 008613565813039,and i will answer your question with in 1 hours.

2 thoughts on “How To Start A Lash Business Line With Your Custom Packaging Box And Private Label?”

  1. Hello there how you doing I’m trying to start my own eye lashes company up soon how do I go by
    seeing how I can’t get started it with my own eye lashes on line .

    1. Thank you for choosing Emma Lashes to be your lashes vendor honey, we will help you start your lashes business line step by step. and you will succeed with our luxury mink lashes pls check your email.
      You can add my whats app: 008613465813039

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