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How To Repurchase Eyelash?

When you sold out your first order ,you will repurchase eyelashes from Lashes Vendor, and what you should you do before you repurchase your 3D Mink Lashes?

How to order the next 3D MINK EYELASH BULK ORDERS?

emma lashes feedback
emma lashes feedback

Well, the first question, when you sold out your first order , you should remember the best seller and the bad seller , and repurchase the BEST MINK LASHES bulk orders and never purchase the bad one again.

In fact , it happens all the time that you best seller have sold out but the bad lashes haven’t yet , what should you do?

You may have two ways to solve this issues, the first one you can give it to your regular customers when they make orders, for example , if the girl who buy 10 pairs , you give her the lashes as gift just free . And because of this pair lashes , you may sold many lashes than before.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(1)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(1)

The second way is that you can give it to your potential customer , and make a promotion , if they come to your shop they can get a free pair of 3D MINK EYELASH, and they should wear and take a photo post their SNS, and will get another one free pair.

So you will change your potential customer to regular customer and will get a good free advertise effect .

Attention PLS, what we said is not bad lashes ,just the style that few people would buy them ,they should be luxury lashes too, also you can give your best seller to your potential customer too  to get a good advertise effect in stead of advertise fee.

mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(16)
mink eyelash manufacturer China wholesale 3d mink lashes wholesale(16)

So the next purchase date should according to the last sales data and analysis.

Let’s begin the next issue, how to order the next order?

Never miss the best seller and the latest style. In fact most 3D MINK LASHES VENDORS AND MANUFACTURERS AND SUPPLIERS will give you all the catalog to you ,and there are too many lashes you choose , if you choose the wrong lashes style you will not easy to sold them out , so you should ask for the latest lashes and the best seller in the world ,and the lashes FACTORY salesman will give you purchase advise.


One more thing , do make sure you can provide all the length and style , if you only have 25 MM Mink Lashes , you should purchase 20MM Lashes and 13-18MM regular natural lashes too. Because you have no idea about your customer unless you satisfy what your customer need.

All you need to do is collect your sales data and use for your next order, and you will make sure make the right order ,and your business will get better and larger, of course Marketing strategy is very important, unless you have the Best Mink Lashes Vendor .

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